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  • Super RFID Gaining Momentum, But Still Years Off

    A British company called Instrumental is emerging as an early player in what many experts predict will be as transformative as RFID: sensor technology.

  • Accenture Outlines Secrets of RFID Success

    By Elizabeth Wasserman

    A survey by Accenture found that when it comes to deploying a rewarding RFID implementation, the technology’s early adopters have a lot in common.

  • Alien Announces Gen 2 Upgrade

    By Jonathan Collins

    Alien Technology says a firmware upgrade for its ALR-9780 RFID readers will be available in June.

  • Tesco CTO Describes Europe's Hurdles

    By Jonathan Collins

    At RFID Journal LIVE!, the chief technology officer at U.K. retailer Tesco says that RFID has many worthy benefits, but merchants in Europe face more challenges than those in the U.S.

  • Gartner: Get Ready, GEN 2 Has Arrived

    It appears that the recent developments in GEN 2 product availability have everyone excited, even venerable research firm Gartner.

  • What Do End Users Want?

    By Diane Marie Ward

    During a seminar at RFID Journal LIVE! in Chicago, three RFID-equipment executives talked about some of the things RFID technology providers need to do to win and keep customers.

  • Ridge Says RFID Can Protect the U.S.

    By Elizabeth Wasserman

    At RFID Journal's conference in Chicago, the former secretary of homeland security says that through innovation, RFID can strengthen both the nation's security and its economy.

  • ADT's Readers Control Conveyors

    By Jonathan Collins

    At Coleman's distribution center, ADT Security Services deployed a system that enables RFID readers to start and stop conveyors based on tag reads.

  • Sybase Releases RFID Enterprise Software

    By Jonathan Collins

    The company says the role of its new software suite is to collect, manage and integrate RFID data for any enterprise data management environment.

  • Markem Launches RFID Starter Packages

    By Jonathan Collins

    The product-labeling provider’s new packages are based on a desktop label printer-encoder, giving companies a lower-costing option to meet RFID mandates.

  • P&G Fund Awards Academic Grant for RFID

    By Jonathan Collins

    The philanthropic arm of CPG-maker Procter & Gamble provides $150,000 to Indiana University to develop its RFID lab and curriculum.

  • Tom Ridge Joins Savi Technology Board of Directors

    Tom Ridge, former Secretary of the U.S. Department of Homeland Security, has joined the board of directors of Savi Technology, a leading RFID solutions provider based in Silicon Valley.

  • Gen 2 Tags Get Real

    By Mary Catherine O'Connor

    At next week's RFID Journal LIVE! conference, a number of vendors will demonstrate tags that comply with EPCglobal's second-generation standard for passive UHF tags and readers.

  • Consumers More RFID-Aware, Still Wary

    By Jonathan Collins

    A recent survey finds that more U.S. consumers have heard about RFID, but worries about privacy remain.

  • RFID News Roundup

    By Ari Juels

    Gen 2 tag, reader demonstrated at METRO; "RFID for Dummies" for sale; U.S. ski area completes first season using RFID; GSI UK publishes planning guide; new PC card reader from WJ Communications; Indala releases HF reader series; Lab ID introduces FRAM tag chip; LXE releases pre-Gen 2 software upgrade.

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