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  • Summary of Baird RFID Monthly for March

    Baird has released its March report. The thirteen-page document is a worthwhile read for anyone requiring an overview of the industry's last 30 days. For those without time to do so, we have reprinted here the report's summary.

  • RFID News Roundup

    By Andrew Price

    Integral upgrades hotspot test features, functions; Trolley Scan sells first RFID Radar system; JCB developing RFID payment system; Unisto unveils mobile yard management app; Syscan reader certified for Canadian livestock.

  • Italian RFID Lab to Open in May

    By Jonathan Collins

    The University of Parma is readying a research lab geared toward supporting Italian companies investigating the potential of RFID in their operations.

  • In-Floor RFID Tags to Navigate Robots

    By Rhea Wessel

    A German company is marketing a flooring underlayment with embedded tags for guiding robots that transport objects and people or clean floors.

  • IDTechEx on Where Profit Exists in RFID

    Research firm IDTechEx this week released a provocative article about the profit potential for vendors of RFID technology. This article lists the article's key points, some of which IDTechEx acknowledges are "contentious" and will stir debate.

  • DHL to Test Tags on Returns

    By Mary Catherine O'Connor

    The trial is part of a larger initiative to test RFID systems with the help of partners Philips, IBM, SAP and Intel.

  • New Device Combines Active, Passive RFID

    By Mark Roberti

    Identec Solutions has introduced the i-HUB, a device that can support active and passive UHF interrogators.

  • Study: RFID Vulnerable to Viruses and Worms

    Researchers affiliated at the Vrije Universiteit in Amsterdam have released a paper entitled asserting that RFID systems are vulnerable to viruses and worms.

  • Can Tag Viruses Infect RFID Systems?

    By Jonathan Collins

    A group of European computer researchers have issued a study warning that RFID middleware and applications are vulnerable to viruses encoded into a tag's memory.

  • Testing Ultrasound to Track, Monitor Patients

    By Mary Catherine O'Connor

    A Boston hospital is testing an ultrasound tracking system that can determine a patient's location and monitor vital signs.

  • RFID Simulator Aims to Cut Deployment Time

    By Mark Roberti

    CISC Semiconductor of Austria has developed hardware and software tools to make it easier to set up readers and achieve high read rates.

  • US Government Issues 300 RFID Passports

    The US government has officially begun the introduction of e-passports, its new generation of passports that include embedded RFID tags. According to the US State Department, 299 diplomats have been issued the new passport since January 1st, when distribution began.

  • European Commission Works on RFID Policy

    By Jonathan Collins

    Europe's executive branch is holding a series of meetings with representatives from academia, industry and government agencies to provide a pan-European approach to adopting RFID.

  • Texas Instruments Boosts Consumer RFID App

    Texas Instruments and Remote Play today announced the application of TI microcontrollers in an active RFID system targeted at consumers that the companies hope will bring asset tracking to the masses.

  • Apparel Maker Seeks Seamless Tracking

    By Mary Catherine O'Connor

    A DOD apparel supplier is ready to start tagging shipments for mandate compliance, but isn't stopping there.

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