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Manufacturing Expert Views

  • Taking the LEAP

    Information technology is critical to the future of manufacturing. The EU LinkedDesign project aims to help manufacturers harness and use information.

  • Embedding RFID Tags Into Wearables

    RFID technology represents an easy and efficient method for authenticating wearable devices, and for storing important information about those products.

  • An Industry With 'High' Growth Potential

    There are many ways in which RFID hardware and software could effectively help the marijuana industry monitor the production, shipment and sale of pot.

  • New FCC Rules Could Threaten RFID, IoT Development

    The agency's new equipment-authorization rules impact where manufacturers can cost-effectively conduct R&D for devices certified for sale in the United States.

  • Volkswagen AG Forges Ahead With Transparent Prototype

    In accordance with German automotive Industry 4.0 initiatives, the company currently receives RFID-tagged prototype parts from more than 150 suppliers for its Volkswagen, Porsche and Audi brands.

  • The Growing Use of RTLS by Manufacturers

    Manufacturing companies are looking to real-time location systems to improve their operational efficiency and lower operational costs by tracking equipment, goods, materials, work orders, safety, assembly lines, distribution and other growing applications.

  • Use Your EPC to Indicate Country of Origin

    By employing a simple coding scheme, you can quickly identify where items in your supply chain were manufactured, and ensure that your customs declarations are accurate.

  • Tracking Transformations

    EPCIS 1.1 connects the life cycle of a finished product to its raw materials.

  • When Does Tracking Workers Make Sense?

    The right system can provide safety, privacy and security, and serve the interests of both a company and its employees.

  • Sharing Tag Space

    Gen2v2 lets supply-chain partners manage their own information.

  • Uncomplicating the Supply Chain

    RFID can provide visibility into manufacturing and commercial operations—if all partners work together.

  • EPCIS for Internal Projects

    The standard for sharing information can maximize the value of your RFID hardware investment.

  • A New EPC on the Block

    GS1 has developed an RFID standard for identifying automotive components and parts.

  • Monitoring Aging Infrastructure

    An RFID tag's antenna can serve as a sensor to detect cracks in concrete and other construction materials.

  • Getting to the Tipping Point

    Apparel retailers and manufacturers will soon be engaged in a "virtuous cycle" that will lead to item-level tagging throughout the supply chain.

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