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Innovation News

This section includes articles about cutting-edge research, new products that could impact RFID systems and about creative uses of RFID technology.

Industry Leaders to Present New RFID Case Studies at RFID Journal LIVE! Brasil

Sabesp, Petrobras, Sinctronics and others will present real-world case studies at the event, to be held on Oct. 7-8 in São Paulo.

Innovation Case Studies

Solving NASA's Water Problem

RFID temperature sensors could make the International Space Station's Urine Processor Assembly more efficient, potentially saving millions of dollars annually.

Innovation Features

RFID's Sporting Life

Capturing performance data in real time helps athletes improve their game—and coaches and federations determine which players to back.

Innovation Editor's Notes

How RFID Adoption Will Accelerate

The pace of adoption will be driven by retail and then spread to other sectors.

Innovation Expert Views

The IoT Will Kill the Sales Funnel

The rise of intelligent machines, the move toward subscription-based services and the growth of the sharing economy are all conspiring to impact the way companies sell products. Here's why that is a good thing.

Innovation Best Practices

Six Key Strategies for RFID Startups

Here's what entrepreneurs must do to turn their radio frequency identification inventions into commercially viable products.

Innovation How To Articles

Special Preview: "How to Choose the Right RFID System" Report—Hybrid RFID Systems

This step-by-step guide, created by RFID Journal's editors, helps companies match their particular requirements to the proper RFID system.

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    Innovation White Papers

    • RFID Access Control: A Comparison of Seven Leading Technologies
      Published July 2015
      RFID-based access-control and cashless-payment systems are now standard for large-scale festivals and tech-forward, high-profile events. Such systems eliminate costs and increase revenue. But each event and solution provider is different. TourTech explains how to determine which partner is right for your unique event, and which ones to trust. This document provides a short overview of each company, along with a comparison chart and standout features. (9 pages)
    • Adopting Next-Generation Labeling Technology Enhances Enterprise Agility and Reduces Costs
      Published May 2015
      Labeling is frequently a background process that doesn't receive attention unless it causes a problem. As a result, bar-code and RFID labeling practices and software have become dated at many enterprises failing to keep pace with changing business needs. Companies continually look deeper into their operations and farther across their supply chains for opportunities to become more efficient. Often, they need to look no farther than their labeling processes for opportunities to improve responsiveness and reduce costs. This white paper, from NiceLabel, identifies the hidden costs, inefficiencies and risks resulting from legacy operations, and explains why a modern label-management platform is well-suited to current enterprise needs. (10 pages)
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