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RFiD Discovery RFID

Companies Deploy RFID Solution Leveraging Forklift Mounted Readers

RFiD Discovery’s LiftTrak solution is used at large storage sites to track when and where goods are transported…

News March 29
Canada Compass Group Canada Dining Food Service Jason Hawkins Michel Gillmann Reusables RFID SBX Simon Fraser University single-use disposable packaging UHF Vancouver Xerafy

Food Service Ensures Reusable Packaging Return with RFID

Compass Group Canada is offering its service with a solution from Reusables that tracks when reusable containers are…

News February 28
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Smart Cart IoT

Smart Shopping Cart Automates Payments in Grocery Stores

Cust2Mate has released its RFID-enabled 3.0 intelligent shopping cart and is taking orders from supermarkets to provide intelligence…

News February 21
Adam Morand Alpha Phenomics Inc. BigEye TM Block Trust Network Cattle feedlots HerdWhistle RFID UHF

RFID and Camera Technology Beef up Cattle Management

HerdWhistle’s UHF solution is being adopted in North America, Australia and Europe in crowded feed lots While short-range…

News January 23
RFID reader UHF

Ada Brings RFID Label Converting to North America

The Chinese provider of UHF RFID label converting equipment is marketing a flexible converter that provides multiple types…

News September 5