Tire Company Uses RFID to Improve Tracking and Speed Inventory Process

By Doug

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Dutch truck tire and retreading company Roline is embedding RFID tags in the tires that it retreads, not only to better manage its own production processes and warehousing, but also to enable its customers to track the tires they install on their fleets of trucks, buses or cars. Until Roline ships the new or retreaded tires to customers, it stores them in racks located within its warehouse. The firm is using a permanent rubberized patch tag for retread tires, a disposable adhesive RFID tag for new tires, and handheld and fixed readers to track the tires through the retread and storage processes. Inventory checks have become faster, and what previously required about a week to complete can now be accomplished in less than a day, simply by walking through the warehouse holding a handheld reader. Additionally, the inventory is more accurate and the firm can be sure that products are available for sale at all times. Learn how Roline is able to create a record of when every tire was received, as well as from whom, and then track those tires through the retreading process via the RFID tag.

Hans Jorg, Project Manager, Roline