RFID Journal Virtually LIVE! 2020 Keynote Presentation Recordings and Slides

By Mark Roberti

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Below you will find links to the recordings and slides from the keynote presentations delivered during RFID Journal Virtually LIVE! 2020.


Wed, Sep 30, 9:30 AM – 10:05 AM
2020 – A Catalyst for Change, Sponsored by Avery Dennison
2020 has been a year of significant change for us all. Never before has the supply and demand of products been under such scrutiny. What has previously been considered “behind the curtain activity” has now become a commonplace discussion on what is happening with supply chains around the world. COVID-19 has created a catalyst for change for multiple industries and we believe that Digital ID technologies will play a crucial role in enabling this digital transformation. Earlier this year, Avery Dennison made a significant commitment to driving our industry forward through the acquisition of Smartrac. During this general session, we will explore the impact COVID-19 has had on accelerating digital transformation, and the unique position that our combined company holds to enable digitization at scale across multiple industries.
Speaker: Jeremy Schenof, Vice President, Strategy and New Business Development, Intelligent Labels, Avery Dennison

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Wed., Sept. 30, 10:15 AM – 10:45 AM
Neste Uses RFID-Enabled Unstaffed Stores to Increase Sales
Finnish energy company Neste has deployed an automated, unstaffed store at several of its fueling stations to allow shoppers to select and pay for goods, and then leave—all without requiring a sales associate. The company is leveraging UHF RFID tags on products and readers installed at the point of sale and at its exit, enabling shoppers to buy goods by placing them on the sales counter and approving the purchase without requiring human assistance. The unmanned stores, part of the company’s self-serve model for gas stations, extend the automation from self-serve fueling to the associated market. Learn how the system is increasing sales, as well as how it is helping the firm to effectively manage inventory.
Speaker: Jukka Peltoniemi,  Automated Services Manager, Neste

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Wed., Sept. 30, 10:45 AM – 11:30 AM
Deter, Detect, and Diagnose Damage in Your Supply Chain With RFID
Did you know, globally, that there is 2.3 trillion dollars in shipping damage every year? That’s 2% of all products shipped. In this session, you will learn how to cut supply chain damage by 50% by adding insights into when and where damage is occurring throughout your supply chain. Join SpotSee’s VP, Engineering and Innovation, Jan Van Niekerk, as he discusses the inception, creation, and future of RFID’s role in eliminating supply chain damage.
Speaker: Jan van Niekerk, Vice President of Engineering and Innovation, SpotSee

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Wed., Sept. 30, 11:30 AM – 12:15 PM
Lockheed Martin Advances the “Flightline of the Future” Through Asset Visibility
RFID Journal Award 2020 Winner: Best Logistics/Supply Chain RFID Implementation. As one of the world’s leading systems integrators, Lockheed Martin delivers comprehensive training and logistics solutions to prepare military personnel for the most complex missions. Mission readiness requires the right mix of technologies, tailored to specific mission objectives. Learn how sustainment efficiencies are delivered through a single scalable, affordable and secure end-to-end logistics IT solution integrating RFID and GPS technologies to vastly improve data access, asset visibility, management and accountability, while reducing costs. This presentation will focus on Lockheed Martin’s Corporate Center for Innovation initiatives and F-16 and F-35 aviation component asset tracking, coupled with real-time health diagnostics data and its implications for production, fiscal accountability and the “Flightline of the Future.”
Speaker: Corey Cook, Senior Solutions Architect, Enterprise Sustainment Solutions, Lockheed

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Wed, Sep 30, 5:00 PM – 6:00 PM
Bar-side Chat: Join Industry Leaders to Discuss the State of the Market
RFID Journal’s editor, Mark Roberti, and several leading RFID solution providers will have an informal discussion about the state of the industry. Learn which solutions are selling, which industries are investing more in RFID and which applications are hot. You’ll have the opportunity to ask your own questions or make your own comments. So, grab a beer or a glass of wine, pull up a chair and enjoy a little interaction with the RFID community.
Moderator: Mark Roberti, Founder & Editor – RFID Journal
   Dean Frew, Chief Technology Officer and Senior VP for RFID Solutions, SML
Jeremy Schenof, Vice President, Strategy and New Business Development, Intelligent Labels
Tony Fonk, President and CEO, SpotSee
Mark Robinton, Vice President, IoT Services, HID Global
Gianmarco Ferrari, Marketing Manager – NVM and NFC Americas, ST Microelectronics

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Thurs., Oct. 1, 2:15 PM – 2:45 PM
USPTO Saves Over $1,000,000 Every Year Using RFID to Track IT Assets
RFID Journal Award 2020 Winner: Best RFID Implementation (Other Industry). The United States Patent and Trademark Office (USPTO) has deployed an RFID asset-tracking to monitor more than 120,000 IT assets at multiple locations. USPTO is a performance-based federal government agency, funded by the fees charged for filing patent applications and trademark registrations. Before the RFID solution was implemented, field technicians had to manually update asset-location information, spending roughly 7,700 hours a year managing assets rather than reviewing revenue-generating applications. Key takeaways: Learn how the use of RFID technology has enabled USPTO to automatically monitor the movements of the assets, reducing error costs by 54% and slashing loss prevention costs by 98%. Also hear how USPTO is saving approximately 11,132 labor hours every year, after installing the system.
Speaker: Tom King, Project Manager, USPTO

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Thurs., Oct. 1, 3:00 PM – 4:00 PM
RFID Journal Awards Ceremony
The RFID Journal Awards recognize companies that have distinguished themselves by their successful use of radio frequency identification (RFID) or Internet of Things (IoT) technologies, or the introduction of a valuable new RFID/IoT product or services. In this session the winners will be announced.
Moderator: Mark Roberti, Founder & Editor – RFID Journal

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