RFID in Rail

By Doug

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Trafikverket, the Swedish Transport Administration, is responsible for the infrastructure of Sweden’s transportation sector—rail, road, sea and air. Radio frequency identification is one of several prioritized technologies in widespread use. The country’s railways are investing heavily in RFID, and are establishing a nationwide reader infrastructure. Working closely with railway companies, operators and major end users, early pilots have demonstrated excellent results for all involved parties. One critical success factor has been standardization, based on GS1 standards, both for tag-data structure and data sharing between organizations. A European cooperation involving more than 15 nations and GS1 was formed to create a common RFID standard for railways throughout Europe, based on passive UHF technology (ISO 18000-6C), which has earned international recognition.

Speaker: Gunnar Ivansson, RFID Coach and Strategy Advisor, Swedish Transport Administration, Learningwell AB