RFID Improves Traceability for Carbonated Beverage Filling Process

By Mark Roberti

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To keep pace with consumer demand, beverage companies rely on automated, high-speed filling lines that operate in a continuous, non-stop process flow, producing upwards of 2,500 items per minute, per line. The slightest problem on these automated lines has a major operational impact. If a vent tube (a critical filling component) is lost or damaged during the filling process, it becomes a safety and quality issue for the beverage manufacturer and is very costly to locate. Learn how Dorcia Engineering is using RFID technology to enable their customers to reduce down time and increase safety, as well as improving reliability of the production process.

Key takeaways:

* How Dorcia Engineering deployed high-frequency RFID technology to monitor the lines and quickly identify problems to maintain the highest uptime on the production critical machines.
* Learn how the firm patented and implemented a solution for missing vent tube detection, ultimately controlling the can filler.

Speaker: Grant Cook, President, Dorcia Engineering