RFID At Work Across the Value Chain

By Doug

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Many companies have focused their RFID investments on complying with customer mandates, but the way to maximize the value of RFID investments is to use RFID in a track-and-trace system that provides the visibility needed to secure assets and drive process improvements. Unisys has successfully implement such systems with a number of its customers, and in this session the leading RFID integrator will explain what opportunities exist for using RFID to secure assets and improve processes. It will explain the specific factors to include in ROI models and cost-benefit analyses and unveil real-world RFID process improvement success stories in key industries. This session will be of interest to all attendees who want to understand how more pervasive use of active RFID will lead to "smart" asset management for optimized utilization and maintenance scheduling as well as consumer and product authentication and identification.
Dr. Ravi Kalakota, Managing Partner and VP, Global Strategy and Solutions Management, Global Industries, Unisys