Item-Level RFID in Retail: Getting to Mass Adoption, Part 3

By Doug

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RFID's ability to provide item-level visibility within stores and through the retail supply chain has been well-documented. This visibility is critical for omnichannel retailing and will enable second-order applications, including enhancing the consumer experience, improving conversion rates, reducing shrinkage and using advanced cycle-counting strategies to improve category inventory accuracy. But for RFID to truly fulfill its potential in retail, items must be tagged at the source, suppliers must use tags that work throughout the supply chain and in the store, and standards about what data to put on a tag and where to place it on an item must be established. This panel of early adopters will discuss where the industry is in relation to each of these issues, and what work is left to be done to take retail to mass adoption of RFID.

Moderator: Dr. Bill Hardgrave, Dean, Harbert College of Business, Auburn University
Melanie Nuce, VP of Industry Engagement, Retail Apparel and General Merchandise , GS1 US
Pam Sweeney, SVP Logistics Systems, Macy's
Rupert Thorpe, Senior Manager, Selling Support Development, John Lewis
Stacey Shulman, VP Brand, Wholesale and Retail Technology, Levi Strauss & Co.