IoT Made Real with Enterprise Sensor Integration (ESI) from Boeing’s Tapestry Solutions

By Doug

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The Internet of Things (IoT) is poised to revolutionize manufacturing and global supply chains, promising to make factories smarter, more agile and profitable. But the truth is, organizations must overcome major interoperability challenges to realize its full potential. The IoT works by seamlessly connecting machines, devices and sensors over an intelligent network. However, many IoT sensor solutions are not designed for interoperability with other brands, data formats or legacy systems. In this presentation, you’ll hear how Tapestry Solutions addressed these challenges at Boeing and BAE Systems with Enterprise Sensor Integration (ESI). Tapestry’s ESI is a sensor-agnostic IoT platform that seamlessly integrates myriad sensor technologies that track, monitor and control assets and workflow processes. At BAE Systems, Tapestry deployed an ESI-enabled RFID solution that enables the company to track over 200,000 assets, 30,000 parts and an estimated 6,500 work orders at its plants. At Boeing, ESI seamlessly connects more than 100 sensor technologies at 50 Boeing factories, and can handle over 6 billion tag reads per week.

Speaker: Todd Fields, Senior Director of Strategy, Tapestry Solutions