Improving Quality of Veteran Care and Operational Efficiency With RTLS

By Doug

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The Veterans Administration's Veterans Integrated Service Networks (VISN) 11, serving veterans in Illinois, Indiana and Michigan, is currently implementing a real-time location system (RTLS) at seven VA Medical Centers. Specific goals for the RTLS deployment at VISN 11 include decreasing operational costs, maximizing equipment utilization, minimizing lost and misplaced items, increasing clinical efficiencies and staff productivity, improving staff satisfaction, and reducing delays in patient care—all resulting in increased health-care efficiency and improved quality of veteran care. To help achieve these goals, VISN 11 selected four initial RTLS use cases: asset management, automated temperature and humidity monitoring, asset tracking in the cardiac catheterization lab, and sterilization processing and decontamination (SPD) workflow. Learn how VISN 11 is already meeting some of these goals, with its first implementation in Ann Arbor.
Speaker: Michael McDonald, VA VISN 11 Biomedical Engineer POC, Veterans in Partnership (VISN11) Healthcare Network, U.S. Department of Veterans Affairs