How to Capture High-Quality RFID Leads and Increase Your ROI at LIVE! 2014

By Doug

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This webinar—the first of two designed for RFID Journal LIVE! exhibitors—will explain how to attract high-quality end users to your booth, and how to leverage tools provided by RFID Journal to set up meetings with potential customers. The second webinar, to be conducted by Spectrum Marketing and Communication, will explain how to convert those leads into business.

Virtually all companies can benefit from employing radio frequency identification, but the technology has not yet crossed the chasm. That means only a relatively small percentage of pragmatists are currently adopting the technology. So how can you find businesses willing to invest in RFID today? The key is to focus on those actively seeking your solutions to help solve their business problems or improve operations. Not only are these prized, elite prospects difficult to find, but they can be challenging to convert into customers in a competitive niche market.

Register now to learn how to grow your business, as well as how your company can use the tools we provide to win over customers—and find out how you can also win a free RFID Journal webinar.

Speaker: Mark Roberti, Founder and Editor, RFID Journal