General Session: How GERRY WEBER Is Using RFID to Reduce Theft and Boost Efficiencies

By Doug

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In April 2011, GERRY WEBER International, a German manufacturer of women's fashions, won the RFID Journal Award in the category of Best RFID Implementation. GERRY WEBER International was chosen for a solution that integrates RFID tags into its product-care labels so clothing items can be tracked from factories to multiple warehouses and on to 200 stores. The firm is applying EPC Gen 2 RFID tags to the 25 million garments it produces annually. The application is designed to improve the efficiency of its incoming goods and inventory processes, and to function as an electronic article surveillance (EAS) system. In this session, hear how GERRY WEBER International is rolling out RFID technology at 150 of its company-owned retail stores in Germany and abroad.

Speaker: Christian von Grone, CIO, GERRY WEBER International AG