Drones on the Farm: Tracking Livestock with RFID Equipped UAVs

By Mark Roberti

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Unmanned aerial vehicles (UAVs or drones) have been used with increasing frequency in the agriculture sector as technology continues to improve, allowing for reduction of labor costs and increases in efficiency, accuracy, and traceability within farm operations. A new area of interest in this field is the use of drones for cattle management and the potential of combining radio frequency identification (RFID) with UAVs to facilitate livestock tracking in rangeland environments. The speaker will share work currently in progress at Cal Poly’s Center for Global Automatic Identification Technologies (PolyGAIT) studying the potential of such systems and discuss how animal behavioral constraints influence the design and feasibility of large-scale RFID-UAV technologies.
Speaker: Sabrina Olson, Graduate Researcher, CAL POLY, PolyGAIT