Coster Group Uses RFID to Increase Manufacturing and Logistics Efficiency

By Doug

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The adoption of an automated RFID solution enables Coster Group to manage and trace its shop-floor, warehouse and delivery-logistics processes. This allows the firm to precisely track goods as they are manufactured and shipped, and to pinpoint any bottlenecks. Compared with traditional bar-code management systems, the solution decouples procedures from operators, and thus reduces error risks. This video, recorded at RFID Journal LIVE! Europe 2012—UK, explains how the system is being installed at Coster's production plants, acting as a decentralized supervisor of the production process, and how it allows for effective production management while minimizing the impact and customization of the company's central enterprise resource planning system. Speakers: Salvatore Ricca, Purchasing and ICT Director, Coster SpA; Germano Rizzo, R&D Architect RFID Systems, Aton SpA