Construction: Physical and Data Standards and Rugged Metal Tagging Within the Construction Industry

By Doug

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There are important contrasts between myth, magic and reality that apply to RFID, particularly as the technology transitions from retail to heavy-industry applications. In this session, learn about the relationship between a bag of potato chips, a can of soda, a tsunami, the Port of Galveston and the defining characteristics of RFID within the construction industry, and get clear and specific recommendations regarding relevant standards for uses of RFID in that sector. Many RFID tags currently rely on "tough" names to suggest utility. Others flash standards compliance, such as IP-68, as an indication of differentiation. These are the potato chips of the construction industry—the meaning of which will be made clear during the presentation. This session is recommended for anyone paying for RFID who expects useful lives for tags to match the useful lives of the parts they mark.


Dr. Pat King, Founder, Technologies ROI, LLC