RFID Journal LIVE! 2017 to Feature Eight Preconference Seminars

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This year's topics will include content for the energy and retail sectors and for IT professionals, as well as how to track medical devices, and warehouse and inventory management.


Mar 08, 2017—RFID Journal announced today that it will offer eight preconference seminars to attendees at its RFID Journal LIVE! conference and exhibition. LIVE! 2017 will be held on May 9-11, at Arizona’s Phoenix Convention Center. The following preconference seminars and workshops will all take place on May 9:

Item-Level Retail and Apparel Workshop: Retailers worldwide are employing RFID to track individual items, thereby improving inventory accuracy and enabling them to have products on shelves when customers want to buy them. Retailers and brand owners will learn where the benefits are and how to achieve them.

RFID in Energy, Mining & Construction: This seminar will educate attendees about the durable tags on the market and how to evaluate them for particular applications. It will also show how companies in oil and gas, chemical, mining, construction and manufacturing are successfully using RFID in harsh environments for tracking assets, personnel safety and equipment maintenance, as well as other applications.

RFID for IT Professionals: The presenter will describe how to build a complete software architecture, as well as the various architecture and product choices that an IT architect faces in building and deploying a successful system.

RFID for Warehouse and Inventory Management: Participants will learn about specific RFID technologies for warehouse and inventory management within the supply chain, and explain how to build an RFID portal for automated receiving and inventory tracking.

Packaging and Label Converter Workshop: This workshop, presented by Avery Dennison, will offer packaging and label companies advice on how to build a successful RFID strategy to meet their customers’ needs. Experts will explore the trends and demands shaping the future of RFID and provide insights into selecting the appropriate inlays, best practices for the converting process and how to test whether converted labels are functioning properly before they are shipped.

Managing Medical Devices via RFID: Attendees of this seminar will learn how to evaluate tags for tracking medical devices, as well as key issues that need to be considered when choosing software and integrating RFID data with existing back-end systems.

Bluetooth Beacon Application Workshop: Beacon applications range from manufacturing, asset tracking, wayfinding, retail merchandising, ad targeting and attribution, through to a role in the new National Emergency Address Database. This one-day workshop, being presented by beacon expert Steve Statler, will enable attendees to develop beacon applications.

RFID Journal University: This seminar is designed to provide those new to radio frequency identification with the foundational knowledge necessary to begin understanding how RFID can be applied to solve specific business problems.

This year’s event will feature eight industry-specific tracks covering aerospace and defense, retail and apparel, health care and pharmaceuticals, manufacturing and the Internet of Things. Other tracks will cover the use of RFID for supply chain and logistics operations, as well as the technology and infrastructure required for RFID data collection, and innovative uses of RFID.

Additionally, LIVE! 2017 will feature four post-conference seminars, fast-track training provided by RFID4U, RFID Professional Institute certification, and the co-located IEEE RFID 2017 event. What’s more, the event will offer exhibits and demonstrations conducted by the industry’s leading technology firms. For more information, visit www.rfidjournalevents.com/live.

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