RFID Journal Founder to Share Marketing Insights

By Admin

Mark Roberti will reveal new industry data and RFID marketing insights in a webinar explaining how to market RFID products and services during an economic downturn.

Mark Roberti, RFID Journal's founder and editor, will be the featured speaker during a webinar outlining how to market RFID products and services during an economic downturn. The free webinar, hosted by Spectrum Marketing & Communications, a leading provider of marketing services in the auto-ID industry, will take place on Feb. 26, 2009, at 2 pm EST.

"The focus of the webinar is on educating companies that sell RFID products and services on the state of the RFID market, and how best to capitalize on it," says Bob Basmadjian, Spectrum Marketing & Communications' founder and principal. "RFID Journal and its founder, Mark Roberti, are in a unique position to share insights on the state of the market, as well as marketing tactics that are working in this down economy, and ones to avoid."

RFIDJournal.com visitor traffic and RFID Journal magazine subscriptions are leading indicators of the state of the market. Additionally, RFID Journal has surveyed end users to determine how their RFID projects are being affected by the current economic recession.

During the webinar, Roberti will present data indicating how the RFID industry will be affected by the economy's downturn. He will also discuss lessons RFID Journal has learned during the past six years, and which strategies the company is taking to cope with that downturn. RFID Journal has executed more marketing campaigns in the RFID industry than any other company, having mailed more than 1.5 million marketing brochures, sent more than 5 million marketing e-mails and served more than 50 million banner ads. In addition, it has exhibited at vertical events, and Roberti has spoken at a number of conferences worldwide.

"We are extremely focused on our customers," Roberti says, "and the data we collect through surveys, demographic questions for subscriptions and click-through rates for e-mails and banner ads, all help us to craft our marketing message. I hope that by sharing some of our insights, we can help our partners market more effectively."

What's more, webinar attendees will receive a free copy of Spectrum Marketing & Communications' white paper entitled "Marketing Strategies During an Economic Downturn" (an $849 value). To register, click on Webinars in the left-hand navigation bar of the RFID Journal Web site.