State of IoT Asset Tracking

Helium and  Digital Matter have announced their 2021 “State of IoT Asset Tracking” report, which provides a snapshot of the commercial and private IoT asset-tracking landscape. Now in its third year, the report compiles findings from a global survey of approximately 2,600 IoT decision-makers and analyzes asset-tracking demands, adoption rates, connectivity and hardware choices, barriers to entry, and more. Respondents included business decision-makers (owners, founders and CEOs) and IT/technical decision-makers (VPs and above, as well as directors and senior executives) from a range of industries, such as hardware and software, healthcare, transport and distribution, retail, agriculture and agribusiness.

The report indicates 40 percent of respondents are actively tracking their assets, with vehicles, onsite equipment and personal property cited as the top three assets tracked. Preventing asset loss and theft, followed by enhancing operational efficiency, are the highest drivers of adoption, according to the research. Of the respondents actively tracking their assets, 29 percent continue to leverage legacy 2G and 3G cellular connectivity for their asset-tracking requirements, despite impending network shutdowns in the United States, Australia and parts of Europe. (20 pages)

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