Physical Access Control: A Guide to Building Access to Your Assets

Most people think of physical access control in terms of authorizing entry to a building. It is, but physical access goes far beyond the front door. Access-control systems are essential anywhere you want to limit the people who can enter, open or utilize a physical asset, whether it’s a room, a supply cabinet or a piece of equipment. These systems ensure that employees, tenants and guests can get to all of the places they need to go within a building or campus—and none of the places they aren’t authorized to be.

The ideal system leverages a single technology for access to all of the facilities, equipment or assets that tenants or employees may need. The best solution may be one that many people already have in their pockets: an ID card or badge with radio frequency identification transponder technology. In this white paper, Elatec explains how an effective physical access-control solution can help organizations manage large numbers of people with varied authorizations for different parts of a facility. (8 pages)

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