Connecting the Unconnected: The Unique Power of NFC in IoT Data Acquisition

The Internet of Things promises a future in which businesses and consumers can benefit from dramatic increases in efficiency, productivity, ease and speed. If such predictions become reality, industrial machines will alert companies before they fail, traffic jams will be sharply reduced, homes and offices will be vastly more energy-efficient, chronic health conditions will be better managed and treated, and more. Such benefits will only become reality if companies can effectively capture, analyze and report data from electronic devices, ranging from industrial equipment to smart home appliances.

Businesses across multiple industries are already deploying IoT solutions to gain insights that can inform the product-development process, identify new revenue-generating opportunities, lower service costs and more. As manufacturers consider IoT-enabling their products, they must first answer some important questions. In this white paper, the NFC Forum explores IoT scenarios and how NFC technology can play a key role in supporting secure, efficient data acquisition. (13 pages)

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