Case Study: Introducing RFID into Next-Gen Automated In Vitro Diagnostic Testing to Enhance Workflow Precision and Accuracy

When a leading medical lab original equipment manufacturer set out to introduce a fully automated, high-capacity in vitro diagnostic testing solution, it identified RFID as a key technology to eliminate human errors in tracking samples as they moved through the system. In development, the OEM’s aspirations were thwarted by technical hurdles. While RFID was the right choice, implementing it posed a challenge.

This report from JADAK explains how the lab fulfilled its technical RFID requirements, while providing continuity of supply concerns for market readiness. When in-house expertise and off-the-shelf RFID solutions failed, the OEM collaborated with JADAK on a custom automated solution. The system, which includes hardware, firmware and an extended software application programming interface, relies on ThingMagic’s module platform, outfitted on a custom board with custom antenna designs, to overcome limited spacing and tight-fitting components.

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