ODIN Technologies to Present ‘RFID Fundamentals for Managers’ Seminar at LIVE! 2009

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The RFID systems integrator will offer education for senior-level executives seeking to understand how radio frequency identification can help them reduce costs and improve operational efficiencies.


RFID systems integrator and solutions provider ODIN Technologies will offer a new RFID Fundamentals for Managers preconference seminar at RFID Journal LIVE! 2009. RFID Journal’s seventh annual conference and exhibition will be held on Apr. 27-29, 2009, at the Walt Disney World Swan and Dolphin Hotel in Orlando.

“ODIN has been a pioneer in the RFID industry and has worked on some of the most important deployments to date, including those by Airbus, Johnson & Johnson and the U.S. Department of Defense,” says Mark Roberti, founder and editor of RFID Journal. “This preconference seminar augments the terrific program at RFID Journal LIVE! by focusing on the issues senior managers are most concerned about—using technology to drive business improvements and cut costs.”

The RFID Fundamentals for Managers program, which covers the key issues managers need to understand to achieve a successful RFID implementation, is based on ODIN’s real-world experience gained through more than 250 successful deployments.

“The program will deliver maximum value and minimum marketing hype,” says Patrick J. Sweeney II, author of RFID for Dummies author and ODIN Technologies’ founder. “We are vendor-neutral, so our presenters will arm attendees with the knowledge they need to get maximum impact from not only their RFID project, but also their time on the show floor.”

Sessions offered in this preconference seminar will include:

Maneuver Warfare vs. Maneuver Logistics

Applying concepts from the U.S. Marine Corps Doctrine division and the teachings of legendary military strategist John Boyd, this session will deliver a highly engaging and exciting introduction to the new battlefield of logistics, manufacturing and asset management. What’s more, the session will explain how RFID can be a key weapon in any company’s arsenal.

RFID Ecosystem: The Players, Their Roles and the Changing Landscape

To help prepare attendees for their time in the exhibit hall, this session will explore the roles of various industry players, and how they might impact a company’s RFID deployment plans. In addition, the session will present the crucial factors to look for in an RFID vendor, supported by testing conducted in ODIN’s RFID lab.

RFID 101: Finding the Right Type of RFID for a Company’s Needs

RFID is not a single technology. There are many options, not all of which are created equal in terms of performance and cost. This session will explain the performance differences and tradeoffs across a broad array of passive, active and related RFID technologies, in terms that will enable managers to be better evaluators of vendor claims, and better decision makers in technology selection.

RFID Middleware and Systems Architectures

Middleware is an essential aspect of many RFID deployments, but choosing the right middleware and applications can be a challenge. In this session, an RFID middleware pioneer will explain the role of middleware—in non-technical language attendees can understand—as well as discuss the vendors offering such packages, and the architectures to consider when selecting software for an RFID system.

Packaged RFID Software Applications

A growing number of packaged RFID solutions and frameworks are hitting the market. This session will cover the emerging solution landscape, while also explaining what end users should consider when choosing between packages and custom RFID solutions.

Solution Showcase: Don’t Reinvent the Wheel

This session will review specific RFID solutions currently in use, so end users can determine where they can leverage existing systems and not face the daunting task of reinventing the wheel. Attendees will also gain valuable insights into the factors vital to ensuring successful RFID deployments.

Getting Started: How to Create an RFID Project Plan

The goal of this session will be to explain how to successfully execute an RFID project. Attendees will be provided with a step-by-step process for managing an RFID project’s lifecycle, to help them learn from their predecessors, and benefit from their mistakes and triumphs.

RFID Support: Keeping a System Optimized

Supporting a production RFID system is one of the least understood—and least discussed—aspects of RFID programs, but it can be the most important, because it involves keeping the system operational, consistently and efficiently. This session will explain several key support models, tradeoffs to consider and tools for managing and monitoring RFID networks.

Building an RFID Business Case

RFID projects need to show a return on investment (ROI) in order to secure executive support and funding. Determining where to begin, however, and which benefits to look for, can be tough. This session will explain the building blocks of ROI in RFID projects, including the key cost and benefit categories, as well as the value captured in recent RFID initiatives.

“RFID technologies of all kinds have emerged as a critical tool that top-level executives can deploy to cut costs, boost efficiencies and increase competitiveness in this difficult economy,” Sweeney says. “RFID Journal LIVE! is the world’s premier RFID event, so we’re pleased to be able to offer senior executives at the event the opportunity to learn the fundamentals they need to know to put RFID to work successfully.”