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  • SecureRF Creates New Encryption Method

    By Mary Catherine O'Connor

    The data security startup says its Algebraic Eraser is faster, requires less processing power and could be used on EPC Gen 2 Class 1 tags for protecting data transmissions.

  • Zebra, Symbol, Intermec from Investor Perspective

    Weeden & Co. last week issued reports on Symbol, Zebra, and Intermec, and their respective values as possible stock investments. The reports are rich in financials and investor-speak, so this article is intended as an extraction of the information most interesting to RFID Update readers.

  • Tag Vendors Shift Focus Away from Price

    While cost is a leading differentiator among competitors in the RFID tag space, there are already announcements coming from some vendors determined to broaden the discussion beyond merely price. Two recent announcements covered in this article highlight the trend.

  • IBM Proposes Privacy-Protecting Tag

    By Mary Catherine O'Connor

    Company researchers claim consumers could reduce a passive tag's read range while retaining its operability.

  • High Tag Prices Curtail Otto's RFID Use

    By Jonathan Collins

    The German mail-order retailer sees benefits from its current RFID deployment, but tag costs stymie wider adoption.

  • AMR Research on the Auto Industry and RFID

    New survey data from AMR Research sheds light on why the automotive industry isn't embracing RFID more enthusiastically to cut down on the wildly inefficient process of replacing nondisposable containers, a process that costs the industry an estimated $1.4 billion annually. This article elaborates.

  • RFID News Roundup

    By Andrew Price

    ABI Research says NFC on a three-year growth trajectory; compliance promotion from IP Smart Packaging, IDVelocity; T3Ci receives $8.75M series B funding; CompTIA approves OTA's RFID curriculum; Zebra announces Chinese reseller and agreement with MedAssets; Parelec creates certified printer program.

  • New Tags Use Crystal, Not Silicon

    By Jonathan Collins

    An Austrian company is marketing an RFID system featuring tags containing a piezoelectric crystal able to operate in extreme temperatures.

  • ABI Research: Big NFC Progress by 2007

    ABI Research has released a report on near field communication (NFC), predicting that the next three years will see important maturation for both the technology itself and the NFC market. This article provides a recap.

  • RFID Antenna to Catch Fish

    By Claire Swedberg

    Work is being carried out to deploy a 16-by-16-foot RFID reader antenna at a chute on the Columbia River to track tagged salmon whizzing past at 60 miles per hour.

  • The Importance of Tag vs. Inlay Pricing

    Forbes yesterday reported in an article on RFID that tag prices are currently at 7.2 cents in quantities of 10 million. In fact, the 7.2 cent pricing is for inlays. This editorial from RFID Update editor Will Smith explores why this common mistake can have a detrimental effect on the industry.

  • Chase Expands Blink's East Coast Presence

    By Mary Catherine O'Connor

    The bank is sending blink cards to 3 million Eastern U.S. cardholders, stating they'll soon have 3,000 places to use them.

  • Vending Machines Accept RFID Cards

    By Mary Catherine O'Connor

    In New York City and Atlanta, USA Technologies is installing RFID-enabled cashless payment terminals in vending machines and kiosks.

  • Korea Displays Focused Interest in RFID

    This guest article from Mike Guillory considers Korea's ever increasing RFID leadership in the Asia/Pacific region, as evidenced by the recent RFID/USN Korea 2005 Conference in Seoul.

  • Danish Snack Maker Puts RFID on Hold

    By Jonathan Collins

    Despite a successful trial using RFID in its supply chain, KiMs says it won't resume using the technology until its logistics supplier and retailers begin doing so.

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