Targeted Education in Canada

Valuable preconference seminars will be offered in conjunction with RFID Journal LIVE! Canada.
Published: September 27, 2007

Sept. 25, 2007—I recently wrote about some technology demonstrations we’ll be running as part of EPC Connection 2007, a conference and exhibition we are co-producing with EPCglobal North America in Chicago on Oct. 2-4 (see Education that Pays Off). But this is not the only event at which we are delivering additional educational value—beyond a great conference program—to attendees.

At RFID Journal LIVE! Canada 2007—our second annual event in Canada, which we are producing in partnership with EPCglobal Canada—we will feature three preconference seminars on Nov. 26.

RFID Journal University provides the critical foundational knowledge companies need to begin understanding what RFID can—and can’t—do, and which systems might be right for a particular application. This year, the seminar will be presented by Harold Boeck, a professor of marketing at the Universite de Sherbrooke in Quebec and the academic founder of Academia RFID.

Harold ran the university seminar at this year’s RFID Journal—AAFA Apparel & Footwear Summit and did a phenomenal job. He can convey complex material in clear, easy-to-understand language. And because of the RFID research work he’s been doing with companies in Canada, he has a great deal of firsthand knowledge upon which to draw.

In addition, we’re offering an RFID in Healthcare preconference seminar, for those who wish to understand how RFID can be used to improve patient safety, track assets in hospitals and deliver other operational efficiencies. This will be of particular interest to health-care providers across North America, since it will feature real-world case studies presented by executives from hospitals already achieving benefits from RFID systems.

There will also be a seminar for small businesses. It’s critical that smaller companies, whether they are facing tagging requirements from suppliers or not, be able to achieve operational efficiencies as well. The RFID for Small and Midsize Enterprises preconference, in development now, will include tips on how to get compliant, how to benefit internally from investment in tagging infrastructure and how to apply the technology to other business areas.