RFID News Roundup

Published: October 13, 2023

Atmosic Technologies joins Fusionary to offer IoT developers app; Fujitsu releases new point of sale RFID technology; Kerlink and Avnet create LoRaWAN distribution agreement; Seagull Scientific releases BarTender Printing Solution with Security Enhancements; Infineon buys ultra-wideband company 3db

Atmosic Technologies Joins Fusionary to Offer IoT Developers App

Atmosic Technologies – a wireless connectivity solutions and Internet of Things (IoT) company – has partnered with app development firm Fusionary, to create Viviant, a mobile app to help developers build bluetooth IoT projects. Atmosic will offer the app to its current and prospective customers. The Viviant app is designed to streamline development and speed up the time to market for Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE) IoT projects.

With Viviant, developers can run evaluation tests or create complex applications using Atmosic’s wireless system-on-chips (SoCs). Developers could also test their embedded application code and interoperability with Android and iOS mobile devices. The app includes troubleshooting features to help fix bugs and test data during the development of IoT products. With a built-in logging feature, developers can also access support ticketing. In addition, the companies say that Atmosic’s customers can leverage Fusionary’s expertise in web and mobile apps to develop their custom apps.

The first release provides developers with initial development features, while additional functionality will be enabled for future releases.

Fujitsu Releases New Point of Sale RFID Technology

Technology and solutions company Fujitsu Frontech is introducing new Radio Frequency Identification (RFID) technology built into its U-SCAN BOLT hardware for self-checkout systems. Fujitsu is also announcing its U-SCAN software for self-checkout, which it says will run seamlessly on NCR R6 self-checkout hardware.

Fujitsu’s RFID-enabled self-checkout system features a compact, UHF RFID reader component uniquely designed to offer maximum placement flexibility and seamless integration into existing front-end environments, including existing countertops. According to the company, the technology will enable companies to offer RFID-based retail experiences to reduce checkout times to seconds. The solution is designed to reduce checkout times and provide shoppers with greater convenience.

The company introduced its new solution at the NACS Show 2023 in Las Vegas, October 1 to 4.

Kerlink and Avnet Create LoRaWAN Distribution Agreement

IoT company Kerlink has announced a master distributor agreement with Phoenix-based Avnet, which will offer Kerlink’s LoRaWAN technologies to its customer base of system integrators and original equipment manufacturers (OEMs). With the agreement, Avnet will integrate Kerlink’s solutions portfolio into its enterprise-grade, IoT solution-accelerator software platform, IoT Connect.

The companies say the agreement will offer simple deployments of Kerlink’s gateways, indoors or outdoors. LoRaWAN sensors from various manufacturers can then be used, along with a variety of service providers. The enhanced platform will be available globally for deployment in both public and private networks for enterprises and public agencies that seek to design and build their networks.

Those using the new simplified solution will include customers in telecommunications, smart buildings, smart farming, smart cities, and geolocation, among other applications, and expand their deployment of LoRaWAN technology among Avnet’s established APAC customer base.

Seagull Scientific Releases BarTender Printing Solution With Security Enhancements

Seagull Scientific, maker of BarTender software to print, mark, and code labels and RFID tags, has released its BarTender 2022 R7, which offers new security enhancements. The goal was to safeguard users’ data and labeling processes better. With the support for .NET 6, BarTender users can strengthen the security of their labeling operations while being fully supported by their BarTender and Microsoft applications.

The company says that BarTender 2022 already provides the most comprehensive security support within the labeling industry; however, 2022 R7 will also add other key features. They include native HTTPS support for Web Service integrations, increased user and group permission settings for checked-out label file templates, extended GS1 and other barcode symbology support, improved data entry forms support, and compatibility with BarTender Print Portal.

The company says the new release helps users mitigate vulnerabilities like the Secure Software Development Framework.

Infineon Buys Ultra-Wideband Company 3db

Infineon Technologies has acquired technology startup 3db, which provides Ultra-Wideband (UWB) solutions for automotive brands. Infineon, which offers IoT technologies that include Bluetooth, BLE, and NFC technology, can now add UWB to its product portfolio for highly precise location tracking and indoor navigation.

Infineon says it can now offer UWB-capable devices for applications such as automotive access and systems that work with standalone low-power IoT devices. Infineon reports that UWB solutions will help provide low power consumption and feature-rich devices with enhanced physical layer security.

According to ABI Research, the UWB chipset market is expected to grow 13% yearly, reaching $3.1 billion by 2028.