RFID Blockchain Demo at LIVE! 2019

The Auburn University RFID Lab will demonstrate the use of RFID and blockchain technologies in the retail supply chain at this year's RFID Journal LIVE! event.
Published: March 12, 2019

At RFID Journal LIVE! 2019, the Auburn University RFID Lab will demonstrate how radio frequency identification can be integrated with blockchain technology to create a secure supply chain. Students from the lab will demonstrate the movement of goods from a supplier to a retailer’s warehouse to a store without using blockchain, and then walk visitors through a next-generation supply chain enabled by RFID and blockchain technologies.

By following a retail order and its data through the order’s life cycle in the current retail and apparel fulfillment process, participants will be able to view the pain points and communication pitfalls that the industry faces. Attendees will also see the same fulfillment process using serialized blockchain data and a distributed ledger.

“By improving visibility and collaboration between trade partners, companies can eliminate costly pain points and lapses in communication,” says Justin Patton, the director of the Auburn University RFID Lab. “This demonstrates the potential of both RFID and blockchain technologies to optimize the next generation of the supply chain.”

The demonstration will be held in the event’s exhibit hall—twice on Apr. 2, three times on Apr. 3 and twice on Apr. 4. All attendees are welcome to view the demo.

LIVE! 2019 will also feature four industry-specific and four technical conference tracks on Apr. 3 and 4, six in-depth workshops on Apr. 2, the co-located IEEE RFID 2019 event and the RFID Journal Awards. Some 200 RFID companies from 26 countries will exhibit their latest products and demonstrate the latest RFID innovations. For more information, visit www.rfidjournallive.com.