ISO Selects AIM as International Registration Authority for RFID Standard

The organization will help oversee the ISO/IEC 15961 standard for the use of radio frequency identification for item management.
Published: September 27, 2019

AIM, a worldwide industry association for the automatic identification industry, has announced that the International Organization for Standardization (ISO) has designated it as the International Registration Authority (RA) for the ISO/IEC 15961 standard regarding the use of radio frequency identification technology for item management.

Manufacturers of RFID equipment (readers, tags and so forth), as well as users of RFID technology, require a standard-based data protocol for RFID for item management. ISO/IEC 15961, along with ISO/IEC 15962, specifies this data protocol, which is independent of any air-interface standards defined in ISO/IEC 18000. As such, the data protocol is a consistent component in an RFID system that may independently evolve to include additional air-interface protocols.

As the Registration Authority for ISO/IEC 15961, AIM will be responsible for maintaining the Data Construct Register, overseeing the procedures and applications to request a new Data Construct and allocating Application Family Identifiers related to ISO/IEC 15961. The protocol provides guidelines for how data should be presented as objects, defines the structure of object identifiers, and specifies the commands and responses supported for transferring data between an application and an RFID tag.

According to Mary Lou Bosco, AIM’s chief operating officer, ISO/IEC 15961 is important when it comes to employing RFID to ensure uniqueness in item identification. “As we continue to extend the Internet of Things with more ‘things’ being identified, the possibility of duplication of numbers becomes an increasing issue,” Bosco said in a prepared statement. “This standard provides a mechanism to prevent this. As the industry association that represents automatic identification and data-capture technologies and innovation, AIM is the ideal home for the registration authority.”

For more information about the ISO/IEC 15961 standard, visit AIM’s website or contact the organization via phone at (724) 742-4470.