IoT News Roundup

Kyocera launches IoT service in Japan in partnership with Sigfox; MCoreLab intros suite of cloud server software for Internet of Things; AT&T, Maxwell Air Force Base pilot IoT-connected smart base; AT&T Partner Exchange allows solution providers to tap into the IoT; Ingenu RPMA adds IoT connectivity to maritime vessel monitoring; eInfochips offers services for IoT and IIoT solution development; ATID, Smart Res partner on IoT offerings; Insights Success cites Icon Labs as fast-growing IoT firm.
Published: April 14, 2017


Kyocera Launches IoT Service in Japan in Partnership With Sigfox

Kyocera Corporation has announced that its subsidiary, Kyocera Communication Systems Co., Ltd. (KCCS) has started providing Internet of Things (IoT) network services in Japan based on the Sigfox global IoT network. The service is now available in Tokyo, Kawasaki City, Yokohama City and Osaka City, to be further planned for Japan’s 36 major cities by early 2018 and nationwide by 2020 with an annual sales target of JPY10 billion by FY2021.

The IoT market continues to grow worldwide with the number of connected devices estimated to reach around 53 billion by 2020*1. However, there continue to be barriers to mass adoption for use in locations with no electric power source, especially for applications such as sensors with extremely low data volumes. In order to address those issues, KCCS is deploying the Sigfox LPWA (low power wide area) network which brings a breakthrough IoT solution with the lowest costs and longest battery life — two barriers to entry for many companies in Japan seeking to leverage mass IoT.

This partnership marks the first availability of the Sigfox network in the fast-growing Japanese market, which is the third largest IoT market in the world behind the U.S. and China*2.

KCCS has formed partnerships with around 70 companies from various fields such as device makers and IoT service providers. The Sigfox network will target the following IoT services and applications in Japan:
• Utilities: Remote meter reading and water leakage detection
• Retail: Remote monitoring for vending machine repair and restocking
• Environmental: Monitoring for temperature, precipitation, wind, and river levels
• Logistics & Transportation: Container, pallet and chassis location information management
• Assets: Tracking and tracing rental equipment in case of loss or theft
• Medical: mHealth applications such as data collection and monitoring, and monitoring of the elderly, children and pets
• Agricultural: Monitoring of greenhouse temperature and humidity, soil condition monitoring and machinery management


MCoreLab Intros Suite of Cloud Server Software for Internet of Things

MCoreCloud, a new suite of cloud server software that delivers order-of-magnitude higher performance to meet the exploding demands on Internet/cloud server infrastructure, was introduced by MCoreLab.

“MCoreCloud provides unparalleled competitive advantages,” said Elaine Wang, chief executive officer of MCoreLab. “It pushes forward the boundary of possibilities for the next generation of Internet of Things, autonomous vehicles, as well as new generations of enterprise applications and cloud applications that demand true real-time capabilities.”

The MCoreCloud suite provides:
• Dramatically lower latency — 100 times lower — on the front end through the MCoreCloud Application Server. MCoreCloud measures latency in microseconds, compared to legacy servers where latencies are milliseconds, even seconds.
• Order-of-magnitude greater capacity to handle real-time data, and order-of-magnitude faster response time, with the MCoreCloud In-Memory Cache/Data Server.
• The world’s fastest TCP/IP network stack on standard Ethernet with the MCoreCloud network stack.

“The huge amount of real-time data and exploding number of devices that stream real-time demand dramatic improvements in latency and throughput in a scalable platform,” said Wang. “MCoreCloud is a server platform integrated with real-application high-performance network that incorporates true advancements in system software to deliver on the promise of high performance.”

The MCoreCloud Application Server and MCoreCloud In-Memory Cache/Data Server can be deployed independently, or deployed together to deliver higher performance across an entire system. The ApplicationServer includes a high performance HTTP web application server and ultra high-performance Websocket, with scalability to handle the rapidly increasing number of client connections driven by the Internet of Things and automated clients and agents.

The MCoreCloud In-Memory Cache/Data Server is wire protocol compatible with memcached and can be used to replace existing memcache servers transparently. The MCoreCloud suite also provides a rich set of samples that showcase real application systems, the new architecture and how to build next-generation systems.

“MCoreCloud is the only technology on the market that provides the real solution to the challenges of real-time responsiveness,” said Wang. “It opens a new horizon of possibilities for the entire Web and Cloud cluster.”

MCoreCloud is available on both Linux and Windows.

AT&T, Maxwell Air Force Base Pilot IoT-Connected Smart Base


AT&T is working with Maxwell Air Force Base to bring the power of IoT to their base operations and infrastructure.

We are installing and integrating network-connected sensors into the everyday operations of the base. We also plan to create proof of concept demonstrations of smart perimeters, gate monitoring, notifications, fleet management and more with Maxwell. A highly secure and connected “Smart Base” is more efficient and effective.

“Military bases function as small cities,” said Colonel Don Lewis, 42d Mission Support Group Commander, Maxwell Air Force Base. “And we face a lot of the same challenges municipalities face. We’re excited about opportunities to explore ways to enhance our operations, conserve limited resources, and stimulate new ideas to more creatively execute our missions through the power of IoT and network connected sensors.”

AT&T is working with the command staff at Maxwell, representatives from Air University and other Air Force personnel to show IoT’s potential.

“Our work with Maxwell Air Force Base is just the tip of the iceberg of assisting the military,” said Rocky Thurston, Air Force client executive vice president, AT&T Global Public Sector Solutions. “It’s an honor to team with Maxwell to improve its base operations and infrastructure through IoT.”

Since our 2015 Smart Cities launch, we’ve used our resources and IoT expertise to collaborate with cities around the country to create impactful solutions. We’ve also helped cities create and use holistic smart cities strategies to address their current and future needs.

Maxwell Air Force Base is located in Montgomery, Alabama. Its mission is critical to national security. It is the home of Air University, the Air Force’s education and leadership hub, the 908th Airlift Wing, the Business and Enterprise Systems Directorate of the Air Force Lifecycle Management Center, and more than 30 tenant units.


AT&T Partner Exchange Allows Solution Providers to Tap into the IoT

AT&T*Partner Exchange is launching a collection of IoT resources to help make it easier for solution providers to navigate the possibilities of IoT with their customers.

The tools include “A Channel Executive’s Guide to IoT,” an IoT Readiness Assessment and the AT&T IoT Starter Kit.

“IoT is already connecting manufacturing equipment, health monitors, vehicle fleets and much more to the internet,” said Sue Galvanek, vice president, marketing, pricing and product solutions, AT&T Partner Exchange. “Last year, AT&T Partner Exchange launched our IoT platform, AT&T Control Center, to the channel. We’re building on that success by bringing the right blend of products, tools and resources to help solution providers unlock the full potential of IoT.”

Solution providers can build new revenue streams with IoT by uncovering and addressing customer needs. “A Channel Executive’s Guide to IoT” offers them insight into current and emerging trends and guidance on how to prepare their own IoT strategy. It outlines IoT building blocks, success stories and resources available to help them succeed.

AT&T Partner Exchange collaborated with Infusion Partners, LLC to create the IoT Readiness Assessment to help solution providers understand where to begin when developing an IoT offering. The survey evaluates a solution providers’ market focus, investment level, offer strategy and business plan to assess their IoT readiness and identify potential areas for IoT growth.

“Understanding how your company can maximize the potential of IoT is a major hurdle,” said Brad Sander, president, Infusion Partners, LLC. “The IoT Readiness Assessment helps solution providers discover opportunities to empower growth and innovation through IoT.”

The AT&T IoT Starter Kit is available to AT&T Partner Exchange solution providers and offers them hands-on experience to rapidly prototype their own IoT solution. The all-in-one kit comes ready with the tools and services to trial new offers to meet customer needs.

All of these resources are available on a new IoT website where AT&T Partner Exchange solution providers can explore their IoT journey. When they’re ready to take action, program members can dive deeper into these resources on the new AT&T Partner Exchange Solutions Center. There they’ll find IoT use cases, sales tools and technical resources to help them harness the power of IoT.

“IoT will continue to impact the way we live and work. Connected devices produce rich data that helps companies better respond and understand their customers’ needs,” said Robert Senatore, president and chief operating officer, Data2Go Wireless. “Those who want to seize these opportunities need the right tools. AT&T Partner Exchange is helping us do just that.”

*AT&T products and services are provided or offered by subsidiaries and affiliates of AT&T Inc. under the AT&T brand and not by AT&T Inc.


Ingenu RPMA Adds IoT Connectivity to Maritime Vessel Monitoring

Ingenu Inc., the company that delivers purpose-built IoT connectivity, has announced that it will be enabling Orolia’s McMurdo Omnicom Solar Fishing Beacon to assist in vessel communication and fisheries monitoring. Serving the global fishing industry, the Omnicom Solar solution will use RPMA (Random Phase Multiple Access) connectivity to enhance vessel safety, prevent illegal harvesting, and protect national interests and dedicated economic zones.

The Omnicom Solar Fishing Beacon, powered by RPMA technology is ideally suited to address the needs of the global fishing industry, as it provides long-range, robust, secure network connectivity to maritime vessels. With a range of up to 50 km (31.6 mi.) from the device to the shore-based RPMA access point, the beacon functions as a search and rescue distress device and provides location services, broadcast and two-way communication features. Significantly, RPMA adds an extremely high level of security to the communications network, making it exteremly difficult to spoof or jam. This is a significant advantage over other technologies, such as AIS (automatic identification system).

In many of the world’s maritime regions, protection of natural resources is crucial to a country’s economic prosperity, with well over 50 percent of the world’s seafood exported from developing countries. Artisanal vessels, which operate in these areas, are difficult to monitor and protect due to lack of sufficient communication technology. As a result, governments and leaders in these regions are implementing programs to protect citizens and resources, while enhancing safety and security in national waters.

“We are pleased to partner with Ingenu to enhance the functionality of this important safety and monitoring solution,” said Jonas N. Olsen, chief strategy officer at Orolia. “The attributes of RPMA provide the Omnicom Solar Fishing Beacon with extended range and data capabilities at a significantly lower cost than exisiting technologies. As the world’s leading provider of resilient PNT systems, including maritime managment infrastructure, we understand the needs of this industry, and we are excitied to bring this powerful solution to the market.”

“The global availability of RPMA technology make this an ideal solution for fisheries from Angola to Peru,” said Ted Myers, chief technology officer, Ingenu. “With RPMA, Orolia can serve the entire market with just one device, enabling a compelling use case for vessel monitoring across the world.”


eInfochips Offers Services for IoT and IIoT Solution Development

eInfochips HawkD(TM) Devops services and accelerators enable intelligent automation and empower Consumer IoT and Industrial IoT companies with continuous integration, build, testing, and deployment capabilities.

eInfochips, a global pure-play product engineering services firm, announces HawkD(TM) DevOps services, as a part of intelligent automation, for companies looking to develop connected solutions with continuous delivery capabilities. The practice empowers companies in Home & Industrial Automation, Security & Surveillance, Networking, Telematics, and Connected Healthcare industries to accelerate their solution and product development cycle, improve code quality, enable operational scalability, and deliver higher cost savings through reduced outages and release efforts.

“Today, agility, cost efficiency, and quality play an important role in attaining and retaining the market leadership for companies developing connected solutions. For product and solution owners, it is no more about releasing features alone, but owning and improving operational metrics is of equal significance,” said Abhishek Binaykia, Associate Vice President of Marketing at eInfochips. “We are one of the pioneers in the industry to provide DevOps services for IoT product development. HawkD provides companies with a well-defined roadmap and best practices to enable full-scale process automation in their product lifecycle, thereby enabling the product companies to continually innovate, improvise, and scale faster in the market”

In an IoT connected device environment, unlike IT, product owners will face challenges in updating multitudes of hardware and software deployments at numerous locations in real-time. To enable a truly DevOps practice in such an environment, multiple scrum feature owners from web, mobile, device firmware, and QA need to work in an agile manner, a scrum-of- scrum model, to deliver a product feature.

HawkD key offerings:
• DevOps Consulting: Assessment framework and process consulting
• DevOps Implementation: Continuous integration, deployment, testing, monitoring
• DevOps Toolchain: Evaluation and execution; Migration, customization and enhancement
• CloudOps Managed Services: Infrastructure automation and monitoring dashboards


ATID, Smart Res Partner on IoT Offerings

The Korean company ATID and Italian Smartres have signed an agreement for the distribution and after sales service in Italy, Switzerland and Greece of RFID Personal Digital Assistant devices (PDA). The agreement is effective as of April 2017.

“ATID wants to enhance its presence in the Italian market where is selling its products from many years, through the strong cooperation with Smartres, which is taking care of after sales service as well”, tells Eduardo Silva, ATID’s EMEA Manager. “Smartres is willing to offer a wider service to its partners and customers, giving the opportunity to buy RFID tags as today and handheld readers as well.” adds Lorenzo Castelli, Sales Manager at Smartres.

ATID, is a market leader in the industrial worldwide market by selling its PDA devices. ATID selected Smartres, recognized as strong technical partner in the RFID automatic identification market, to serve all industrial applications adopting or going to adopt UHF 860-920MHz, or HF/NFC 13,56MH tags.

SmartRes,, holding more than ten year experience of designing and selling RFID passive tags, picked up the opportunity to side its UHF and HF/NFC labels and tags with a state of the art PDA portfolio, offering the best options to buy and get serviced on the Italian field.

Insights Success Cites Icon Labs as Fast-Growing IoT Firm


Icon Labs (, a leading provider of security solutions for IoT and edge devices, has announced it was selected by Insights Success Magazine as one of the world’s Top 20 Fastest Growing IoT Companies.

Icon Labs is the leader in developing solutions to protect both IoT and Industrial IoT systems (IIoT) from cyber-attacks. Over the last year, Icon Labs has established customers throughout the USA and Europe. The company partners with leading IoT and embedded systems manufacturers to provide security components. Partners include large international companies such as Intel, McAfee, WindRiver, Renesas, Verizon, Mentor Graphics, Infineon, Micrium, and NXP.

Here is a direct link to the news article posted on the Insights Success web site –

According to Insights Success Magazine, “Icon Labs is focused on creating the Internet of Secure Things. They provide software toolkits and security solutions to enable embedded OEMs and IoT device manufacturers to build security into their device. The team at Icon Labs is uniquely focused on resource-limited IoT devices – devices that cannot run large, sophisticated security solutions requiring operating systems like Windows, Linux, IoS, etc. Their solutions support all major embedded OSes and RTOSes with security modules designed specifically for use in limited resource environments characteristic of the embedded marketspace. These solutions provide security building blocks for protecting the device itself rather than just relying on security at the perimeter.”

Icon Labs’ products provide embedded security for IoT and Machine-to-Machine (M2M) solutions in aerospace, industrial, medical, and consumer electronics. The Floodgate Security Framework provides a “defense in depth” solution to protect control units and endpoint devices from cyber threats, aid in compliance with regulatory mandates and guidelines, and gather and report command, event, and device status for audit requirements.