Introducing Tagman

This year's symbol for RFID Journal LIVE! reflects the growing strength of RFID systems and their ability to solve real-world business problems.
Published: November 27, 2006

Each year, we choose a symbol that reflects the theme for RFID Journal LIVE! 2007, our annual conference and exhibition. Last year, we used a wrench turning a tag to illustrate our theme: “Putting RFID to Work.” This year, we’ve introduced our new icon, whom we call “Tagman.”

He’s a bit whimsical, but we think of Tagman as a kind of superhero who represents radio frequency identification’s ability to solve real world business problems.

To create Tagman, we chose award-winning illustrator Glenn Mitsui. Glenn has done covers for Forbes, InfoWeek, McKinsey Quarterly, PC World and other well-known magazines. He’s also designed some posters for events such as ours.

One of the things RFID Journal has tried to do from the start is to convey the high quality of our content online, and at events through high-quality design. As such, I’m very pleased with Glenn’s creation—Tagman conveys the energy and excitement of our events, as well as the high quality of our speakers and educational content.

I know that LIVE! 2007 will be our best event ever because each year we have more end users who can speak objectively about the RFID projects they’ve undertaken, the obstacles they ran into, how they overcame them and what they achieved.

In 2006, many speakers gave figures about the hard benefits they received from their RFID projects. We’ve already lined up more than 25 speakers, including Wal-Mart CIO Rollin Ford, who will be able to give even more specifics this year. For a full list, visit the RFID Journal LIVE! 2007 Web site.