Cumulocity Announces IoT Platform Release 8.0

The new version of the company's Internet of Things platform simplifies the deployment of mass-customized IoT solutions for service providers, enterprises and OEMs in all market sectors.
Published: February 27, 2017


Cumulocity, the leading IoT software platform provider, announces the availability of release 8.0 of their IoT Platform which radically simplifies the deployment of mass customised IoT solutions for service providers, enterprises and OEMs in all market sectors. In addition, release 8.0 enhances the capability of the IoT platform with features relevant to real-world IoT solution deployments, such as: fully integrated secure connectivity to the Human Machine Interfaces (HMIs) of assets; enhanced asset simulation and device integration tools; and extended platform management capabilities.

Cumulocity continuously evolves its leading IoT platform in an agile development process with releases every two weeks and announces annual updates to support market communications. The new capabilities of release 8.0 include:

Cumulocity Enterprise Edition – The perfect solution for OEMs and manufacturers is based on the most secure data separation concept available in the market. The Enterprise Edition is a true white label product which can be fully end-customer branded and automatically deployed in minutes, avoiding the need for lengthy set-ups and deployments. Advanced administrative rights and native multi-tenancy significantly increase the level of end-customer self-service available in market today.

Cloud Remote Access – World-first solution which allows technical support staff to securely view and interact with the Human Machine Interface (HMI) of capable assets using screen-sharing from inside the existing Cumulocity web-based user interface. This approach removes the need for complex VPNs and clients to be configured and avoids the risks associated with maintaining them.

Smart REST Editor – Developers can configure the mapping of Cumulocity’s open data efficient SmartREST payload using a code-less drag and drop approach.

New Device Simulator – Enhancements to the simulator enable digital representations of full devices and assets to be created and used to validate the operation of real-time analytics rules prior to mass deployment.

LPWAN Integration – Natively device and network agnostic, Cumulocity has pre-integrated connectors for SigFox, LoRa and NB-IoT (3GPP) technologies. These enable enterprises and service providers to adopt short-term opportunistic market driven LPWAN approaches without the need to modify backend applications or IT integrations if a more strategic approach is necessary later.

Cloud Sensor App – Organisations can use the app to engage and educate customer executives about the real-world benefits of IoT to their organisations using just a smartphone app and show how the Cumulocity IoT platform can be easily configured to deliver immediate business value.

“Cumulocity, with its world leading IoT Device Management combined with the new release 8 capabilities, is a perfect solution for digitally transforming organisations in a secure, cost efficient and future-proof manner.” Bernd Gross, CEO, Cumulocity

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