Clarity on a Technology Site

Making RFID technology easy to understand isn’t as easy as it might seem.
Published: August 31, 2009

Every once in a while, you get an e-mail that makes your day—like this one, which I received this week:

“I am a translator working from Germany and came across your glossary as I desperately searched the Internet for RFID terminology. What a joy! I just wanted to thank you. It is written with such beautiful clarity and is easily comprehensible even for someone like me with no knowledge in the field. I hope your journal is a huge success!” —Chris

The reason this is so nice is because all the writers and editors at RFID Journal take a great deal of pride in making RFID comprehensible to the world. Many Web sites just post press releases that are so unclear you have no clue what they’re about. We take a lot of time to break things down and understand them, and then report them in a way that both businesspeople and technologists can understand.

The process can be frustrating. Our reporters sometimes go back to a company four or five times until they understand an issue or technological component of their product well enough that they can explain it in plain English. The vendors appreciate this, and I often get e-mails from them saying what a great and thorough job our reporter did on a specific story. It’s rare that our writers and editors get the appreciation they deserve for the hard work they put in on every single article we publish. So here’s to them. And a big thank you to Chris—you made my day.