Canada Heats Up

A pilot by a second major retailer is putting Canada on the RFID map.
Published: July 21, 2006

Canada has been largely in wait-and-see mode when it comes to RFID. Many companies are letting counterparts in the United States learn the hard lessons as early adopters and then Canadian firms can be fast followers. Not a bad strategy. But with Wal-Mart Canada and more recently Loblaw Companies launching pilots (Canadian Retailer, Suppliers Begin RFID Trial), Canada is starting to move ahead on its own.

This is smart. Given the close links between the economies of the United States and Canada, it’s clear that what happens in the U.S. will impact Canada. Smart companies need to figure out when and where RFID makes sense for their operations. Even if you want to be a fast follower, the time is now to start learning about where RFID makes sense and where it doesn’t in the Canadian supply chain.