Alien CEO: 10 Cent Tags in 2007

Alien CEO Stavro Prodromou said at last week's RFID World that he expects tag prices to fall to only 10 cents by 2007.
Published: March 7, 2005

This article was originally published by RFID Update.

March 7, 2005—The latest prediction on RFID tag price, a widely derided but nonetheless commonly used benchmark of all things RFID, came from Alien CEO Stavro Prodromou at last week’s RFID World. Prodromou expects tag prices to fall to only 10 cents by 2007, and that assumes substantial production levels of 100 million tags per month. That’s a far cry from 5-cent tags by 2008, an aggressive but plausible prediction often heard in industry circles.

What makes this prediction special, aside from its relative conservatism, is that it comes from the mouth of the CEO of Alien, a company virtually synonymous with “RFID tags.” If there is anyone on the planet that should be able to forecast demand levels and production prices, it should be him. Then again, Prodromou hardly represents the impartiality of an industry analyst or third-party observer. Interpret it how you will, but whenever the Alien CEO mentions tag price, we will listen.

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