AI-based IoT Wearable Links to Optiva Platform

Published: December 13, 2023

Humane’s anticipated “ai pin” will offer a wide range of intelligence and services without a screen

One of the latest high-tech devices releasing this winter is a gadget that could enrich the Internet of Things (IoT) industry, with connectivity and functions previously only provided by smartphones.

Humane’s ai pin will be shipping early 2024, to serve as a computer vision and artificial intelligence (AI)-enabled wearable, without a screen, for both consumers and businesses. In fact, the company expects that the AI functionality will make it a phone, camera, and voice assisted IoT device in the form of broach or pin.

The company announced this week that it will leverage a billing and connectivity platform from Optiva via its business support system (BSS) solution to enable the set-up and billing services for access to data and apps, thereby ensuring continuous connectivity services, says Joy King, Optiva’s VP of go to market.

Voice Commands and Hand Projections

That means that the many services or applications used by the ai pin owner can be managed and billed through a single platform.

The ai pin uses a magnetic clip to attach to clothing or handbags and is intended to take the place of phones and other wearables. The new gadget was developed by former Apple employees and can perform the same tasks a phone or wearable assistant can provide, but without needing a screen for visual content.

Instead, it uses voice commands, can respond and conduct dialogs, and offers a virtual screen in the form of a laser projection on the user’s hand.

Synching Billing into a Single Service

Use of the cellular connected device is provided via a monthly fee by Humane. The data use, app access and network access can all be synched into that single fee with the use of Optiva’s cloud-based software as a service (SaaS) to enable personalized experiences for ai pin users.

Optiva provides an end-to-end suite of integration and services that are intended to help users access the information they need, without searching for an app. For Humane, the use of Optiva’s BSS is intended to make the use of the ai pin simpler and more intuitive.

Optiva’s billing services manage the costs associated with device data roaming, use of apps, and other related services. Optiva provides the service ordering, onboarding, and provisioning and change management that users need to set up and use their device, King adds.

Portal-based Onboarding

Users would leverage the onboarding portal to get started. That would set up the Optiva BSS based billing and ensure that when the users take the pin out of the box it, already has thier specific requirement, interests, preferences and payment information.

“Optiva is working with a number of companies and new market entrants who see embedded connectivity as an important trend,” said King.

The companies have not been identified. King argues, however, that use of the billing platform is helping them prepare to go to market quickly with apps or services for use with the pin.

“Because Optiva BSS platform is both unified and modular, many of these companies start with some basic services (prepaid billing, as an example) but add a variety of new modules as their customer demands expand,” says King.

A Connected Device without Pairing to a Phone

Once fully enabled, the ai pin uses its Cosmos operating system to offer a conversational experience for the user. They can begin using the pin out of the box, without pairing with a phone or other cellular based device. In fact, Humane is offering its own mobile virtual network operator.

Among the uses by for the pin is its ability to leverage computer vision, to provide functions such as identifying a physical item and answering questions about it. Everyday uses cited include the number of calories in a package—or handful—of snack foods, or providing details about  a bird, a plant or an animal it is facing.

The ai pin costs $699 with charge pad and adapter. Syncing unlimited talk text and data is billed to Humane for $24 per month.

Making Being Connected Easier

With the AI-based pin, Humane has indicated it hopes to make it possible for users to be connected, without having to look at a phone or being distracted by technology.

The IoT-based solutions the pin itself could serve are yet to be seen. As a connected sensor, the devices themselves could bring relevant content to a server. Each comes with Bluetooth connectivity. Humane has not indicated however, that it includes nearfield communication (NFC) functionality or ultra-wideband (UWB).

Key Takeaways:
  • Humane’s ai pin will leverage Optiva’s BSS to synchronize billing and payment information for its connectivity and use.
  • With a $24 per month fee, the product will serve many of the tasks our phones offer now, plus AI and computer vision.