MWT Materials RFID Portal Isolation Curtains with New See-Through Safety Panel

By Admin

Passaic, NJ (March, 2016) MWT Materials, Inc., a supplier of RFID control solutions now offers a new safety option for one of its established products.


MAC-9101 double panel Portal Isolation Curtains effectively reduce signal leakage, reflection and crosstalk issues from within RFID tunnels, while allowing product to pass through without damage. These curtains are made to the customer’s size requirements. They can be waterproofed for outdoor use.

Several customers had indicated that, for safety purposes, they required a way for people walking, or for forklift drivers who drive through an RFID Portal Curtain, to see what was on the other side. With this in mind, MWT has developed an available option of a see-through panel comprised of up to 20 percent of the curtain area. This allows for line of sight and safe passage. The window contains an RF-isolation material, similar to that in a microwave oven’s window, that is see-through, while also blocking RFID transmissions.

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