Mojix Introduces STARflex™ RFID Reader

By Admin

New reader enables rapid deployment of high performance inventory tracking systems for retail, ambulatory healthcare and other indoor applications


The STARflex reader marries the unmatched performance and location capabilities of the STAR RFID system architecture with a highly flexible new design optimized for cost effective, easy-to-deploy solutions for enclosed environments such as real-time inventory tracking in retail apparel and patient flow management in ambulatory healthcare.

STARflex is ideally suited for use in indoor RFID tracking applications where reflections from metal shelves and fixtures obstructing the signal in line-of-sight (LOS) between the reader and tag can significantly reduce read rates. The STAR product line embeds key US patents and intellectual property developed by Mojix over a decade, encompassing iterative decoding to enable the detection of weak signals from tags, unleashing the ability to read tags from long distances in none-line-of-sight (NLOS). STARflex takes advantage of smart antenna techniques for location tracking and is optimized for synthesizing waveforms in high-density tag environments, such as those found in retail stores.

Visit Mojix at booth #400. See you in Orlando.