Lat-Lon Reduces Cost of Internet of Things

By IOT Journal

The company has eliminated the monthly cellular service charge on its new version of the Solar Tracking Unit.

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The following are news announcements made during the past week:


Lat-Lon announces that it has eliminated the monthly cellular service charge on its new version of Solar Tracking Unit. Lat-Lon has replaced the standard cellular modem with a LoRa data modem. The LoRa data modem can off load the data collected during a trip to a Gateway for no charge.

LoRa is an acronym for Long Range Radio. LoRa is a proprietary radio modulation technology. It is a low power, low cost, long range wireless technology specifically designed for Internet of Things (IoT) applications. Data is communicated to a network of Gateways that are connected to the Internet. This is known as a Low-Power Wide-Area Network (LPWAN).

LPWAN differs from a wireless WAN in that the LPWAN requires less power and has a low bit rate, ideal for small packet transmission of “things.” LPWAN can be used to create a private network rather than “leasing” an existing network via modems with monthly/annual operating costs. Communication is secure and bi-directional using frequency hopping and variable data rates. LoRa is considered a compliment to M2M technology best used for low power operations.

The new LoRa Solar Tracking Unit (LoRa-STU) has all of the capabilities of its cellular based product including, but not limited to, impact detection and temperature monitoring. With the LoRa-STU, fleet owners can significantly lower operating cost. The same robust Lat-Lon website is used to review data, graphs, and photos.

“LoRa vastly expands the market for GPS tracking and data collection by removing the recurring costs normally associated with such services. Now, GPS tracking is a one-time capital acquisition instead of an operating expense.” Notes Lat-Lon President David Baker.

Lat-Lon has joined the LoRa alliance to help promote understanding and consistency for success in IoT and M2M applications. While not stepping away from traditionally real-time cellular tracking technology, Lat-Lon is pursuing additional options for lower operating cost for real-time yard operations and non-real-time data logging when out of Gateway range.