IoT Technology Measures Water and Air Quality at Tallink Spa & Conference Hotel


Water and air quality are major concerns for lots of organisations because it can impact people’s health, comfort and well-being. Thanks to the Sigfox IoT technology, Tallink Spa and Conference hotel can now detect issues related to water and air systems more easily. Sigfox IoT sensors are the most energy and cost efficient IoT solutions on the Estonian market. These devices are all stand-alone sensors that are working with the world leading IoT connectivity – Sigfox. Connected Baltics, as a Sigfox Network Operator, is the first nationwide IoT-network operator in Estonia, deploying and selling Sigfox’s low power wide area (LPWA) IoT connectivity solution and enabling millions of connected devices to send small messages in a cost-effective and energy-efficient way. Sigfox today is the leading IoT network provider in 45 countries and is expanding worldwide to power the physical world in order to give objects their digital twins – digital identities.

The solution provided by Connected Baltics helps the Tallink Spa and Conference technical and maintenance team to collect different real-time data in order to remotely monitor and nurture water and air quality.

“In our spa, we have four pool maintenance systems. Thanks to the Sigfox technology, we are able to analyze real-time data to detect problems before they even occur, prevent downtime, and develop new opportunities. For instance, we use Sigfox ready Blue by Riiot pool sensor in our pools to receive crucial real-time information about the water quality. This device runs and communicates autonomously using Connected Baltic’s Sigfox network regardless of the location. Our customers are our number one priority, and different IoT sensors are helping us ensure that we offer them the best quality water and air on our facilities.” – said Riho Klettenberg, Technical Manager at Tallink Spa.

Blue by Riiot is a smart pool analyzer that is one of the CES 2017 innovation award honorees. The intelligent device is helping pool owners to measure pH, water temperature, active chlorine level and conductivity. The device transmits messages over the air, using Sigfox nationwide connectivity. The message transmissions from the devices can happen anywhere (e.g. Outside, inside, basement, in the water) where the Sigfox network is available.

“Tallink Spa & Conference Hotel is taking advantage of the Sigfox technology in order to offer its clients the best spa experience and air quality. Besides monitoring the water quality, Tallink Spa managers have also deployed many intelligent Connected AirWits sensors that are independent wirelessly connected temperature and humidity monitoring devices with an ultra long battery life of five years. The process from identifying the needs to the device deployment was super fast considering that there are more than 300 Sigfox IoT devices available for various sectors.” – said Silver Kalmus, Sales Manager at Connected Baltics.

Connected Baltics is now inviting partners in their respective fields to join our rapidly emerging ecosystem of Sigfox Low Power Wide Area IoT-technology.