How to Get the Most Out of the RFID Journal Site

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Learn how RFID Journal's content is organized and how you can use the site to reduce research time and ensure a successful deployment.

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RFID Journal's site features a large number of detailed news stories, as well as informative Expert Views and Opinion articles, that are freely available to anyone who visits the Web site. All of our articles are researched and written by reporters with a combined 25 years' experience covering radio frequency identification.

The Web site also features other tools and tools that are available to Registered Users. You can receive one of our five newsletters, download a White Paper, post a question to our Ask the Experts forum and comment on blogs by registering. It's free.

We also have in-depth Premium Content that is available to Premium Members. These articles provide insights and advice that you would normally pay a consultant thousands of dollars for. Case studies are in-depth stories that explain how other companies deployed the technology. We explain the technology choices, the business decisions, the mistakes and obstacles that the each company made along the way, so you can learn and avoid costly mistakes.

Best Practices are also detailed articles that take the learnings from those who have already deployed the technology and how-to provides detailed step-by-step guidance on critical deployment issues.

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