GuardRFID releases world’s lowest profile asset tag with tamper detection making tracking even the smallest items possible

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AT-5BLF Asset Tag rounds out Company’s widest selection of the smallest, toughest & longest-lasting tags in the industry


As the proven expert in interoperable real-time location systems (I-RTLS™) driving the
next generation of security and compliance applications in healthcare, industrial, and
commercial environments, GuardRFID knows what it takes to ensure maximum
tracking and protection of all types and sizes of valuable assets. The Company’s newest
addition to their extensive portfolio of active RFID tags is the AT-5BLF, the world’s
lowest profile asset tag with tamper detection ideal for even the smallest, thinnest

The technology making this innovation possible is GuardRFID’s AllGuard™ Real-time
Location, the most robust, multi-purpose real-time location platform offering superior
flexibility, interoperability, and performance when it comes to protecting assets and
people in even the most challenging environments. AllGuard offers long-range real-time
locating as well as low-frequency portal detection in a single solution and seamlessly
integrates with existing access control systems for advanced security, compliance, and
efficiencies throughout organizations and facilities. If needed, it can also easily expand
to offer automatic hands-free access control and personnel safety applications
leveraging the Company’s wide range of RFID tags and flexible platform architecture.

GuardRFID’s tags are well-known for their power and performance capabilities
(typically in a small footprint) and are available as personnel or asset tags, or as
ruggedized ‘Tough’ tags. The new AT-5BLF tag specifically is a small, lightweight,
waterproof asset tag that’s easy to clean and can be placed on almost any surface,
including metal, without significant degradation in performance. It requires very low or
no maintenance throughout its 36-month lifetime and with its integrated motion,
temperature, and tamper detection sensors, prevents someone from removing the tag
from an asset without an alarm going off, ideal for equipment that must not be removed
from the facility or its designated location within a facility.

The AllGuard AT-5BLF Asset Tag will be commercially available by summer and will be
showcased at this year’s RFID Journal Live 2017 – Booth # 331. We hope to see you
there! For further information before the show, please visit or call at 1-866 -785 -7343.