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Expert Views

  • Authentication and Security

    By Behnam Jamali

    New encryption techniques promise to make the use of RFID applications more secure, increasing the public's trust in the technology.

  • The Ratification of EPCIS

    By Mike Meranda

    The EPCglobal Network is now open for business, allowing trading partners to share information and gain business value.

  • The World Needs Multiple RFID Frequencies, Standards

    By Dirk Morgenroth

    No single RFID technology fulfills all the requirements of existing and potential markets.

  • E-Pedigree's Evolution

    By Ronald Quirk

    Recent legislative initiatives, technological advances and the financial benefits of electronic pedigrees have engendered a new willingness by pharmaceutical companies to utilize RFID in their battles against counterfeit drugs.

  • RFID: Looking Beyond the Retail Promise

    By Priyanka Gouthaman

    Although RFID volumes in the retail and pharmaceutical markets fell short of expectations, the technology saw widespread deployment in other sectors.

  • Mixing RFID in the Auto-ID Blender

    By Chris Hook

    Before deploying RFID, first be sure to consider all the automatic-identification and data-capture systems available to you.

  • HF Protocols' Distant Dream

    By John Schroeter

    Although HF RFID air-interface protocols operate at a single global frequency, a number of factors hinder the ability of HF tags and readers to achieve interoperability.

  • Complex Event Processing and RFID

    By John Morrell

    The use of complex event processing (CEP) software can lower development time and costs for event-driven RFID and sensor-network applications.

  • There's No Packaged Answer for RFID

    By Pat King

    Adding an RFID tag to a product's packaging requires careful designing, but there are things you can do to help ensure a favorable outcome.

  • Scaling Down RFID Investments

    By Priyanka Gouthaman

    Layoffs and cutbacks within the industry may not necessarily be a bad thing.

  • An RFID Tag Data Security Infrastructure Approach for Items

    By Joseph Pearson

    When used in conjunction with item-level tagging of drugs and other products, TDSI can protect consumer privacy while raising confidence that customers are getting genuine goods.

  • Intelligent Network Services Can Make RFID More Productive

    By Michael Crane

    By condensing raw RFID data into meaningful business events, an intelligent network service can help you implement EPCglobal RFID applications without overloading your supply chain.

  • Scalability Is Key to RFID Compliance

    By Mike Kuhno

    When working to meet RFID compliance mandates, it is important to implement a scalable solution that not only satisfies today's needs, but also allows for future growth.

  • Options for Growing Your RFID Network

    By Martyn Mallick

    When it comes to implementing an RFID solution, there are several decisions you should make now to ensure your RFID network will scale as your requirements grow.

  • Can RFID Save the Day for Spinach?

    By Leslie K. Downey

    Steve Dean, director of business development at RFID systems integrator Franwell, says it can—and explains why.

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