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  • We Built This City on RFID

    By Kevin Ashton

    A high-tech cluster can spur economic growth. So how do you create one for RFID?

  • Business As Unusual

    By Doug Farry

    The federal government is using RFID in ways that will impact your business.

  • RFID for Everyone

    By Florian Michahelles and Elgar Fleisch

    If EPCglobal and the Near Field Communication Forum join forces, consumers could use mobile phones to access the Internet of Things.

  • Return on Innovation

    By Kevin Ashton

    Return on investment is not the only way to calculate the value of RFID.

  • Air Cargo and RFID

    By Alexander C.H. Skorna and André Richter

    Radio frequency identification is a smart way to keep freight moving forward.

  • Enabling Remote Health-care Applications With RFID

    By Priyanka Gouthaman

    Radio frequency identification could offer an affordable way to serve the medical needs of the world's growing elderly population.

  • Go Green

    By John Greenland Jr.

    An RFID-enabled mobile asset-management system can help increase fuel efficiency and decrease carbon emissions.

  • Keeping Bogus Drugs Out of the Medicine Cabinet

    By Jan-Willem Reynaerts

    A number of factors are conspiring to significantly increase the potential for counterfeit drugs to wind up in our homes.

  • RFID for Air Cargo

    By Pankaj Narayan Pandit

    An automated RFID-based tracking solution would not only solve most of the problems airlines face in managing unit load devices (ULDs), but also lead to RFID usage for more applications.

  • Spotlight on Five Hot Apps

    By Kevin Ashton

    When you think outside the supply chain, amazing RFID applications will be possible.

  • Is Your Company At Risk?

    By Ray Biagini

    The SAFETY Act could protect companies that sell or use RFID anti-terror solutions from tort liability.

  • Designing Discovery Services

    By Mark Harrison

    Search engines for the EPCglobal Network will allow companies to find and share data securely.

  • Understanding Your Asset-Tracking Options

    By Martyn Mallick and Matt Teskey

    Each type of location-tracking technology has its own benefits and drawbacks. Here's an overview of what you should consider.

  • Moving Toward the Talking Tag

    By Tom Kerr, Elise Yoder and Larry Sweeney

    When combined with a voice-directed work system, an RFID implementation can yield an immediate ROI.

  • Building Smart RFID Networks

    By Hersh Bhargava

    Companies need implementations that convert RFID data into business information, then send that information to the right application at the right time.

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