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  • Can RFID Save the Day for Spinach?

    By Leslie K. Downey

    Steve Dean, director of business development at RFID systems integrator Franwell, says it can—and explains why.

  • RFID Is the Alaska Gas Pipeline's Strongest Link

    By Oliver Hedgepeth Sr., Morgan Henrie and Oliver Hedgepeth Jr.

    A construction project this huge, and in such a hostile environment, faces some unique challenges, which RFID can help address.

  • Optimizing a Wireless LAN for Location

    By Michael McGuinness and Jeffrey Rideout

    By tuning or enhancing their existing wireless networks, hospitals and other facilities can implement an RFID-based system to locate RFID-tagged assets, thereby extending the value of their investment.

  • Pharma to Pioneer Item-level Tracking

    By Drew Nathanson

    The pharmaceutical industry will significantly influence how the RFID industry addresses item-level tracking and high-compliance applications on a global scale.

  • Educating the Public About RFID

    By James S. Childress

    AIM Global and many of its member companies have worked toward educating consumers about RFID and addressing their privacy concerns.

  • Certified Interoperability: UHF Gen 2 Achieves Another Milestone

    By John Schroeter

    Here's what it means, and why it matters.

  • RFID-Enabled IDs: Educate, Don't Legislate

    By Nicholas D. Evans

    Whenever we're faced with an emerging, unproven technology such as RFID-enabled identification documents, there is a premature urge to create laws restricting or stopping it.

  • Dispelling RFID Network Performance Concerns

    By Michael Crane

    You can add RFID and maintain network performance—without redesigning your infrastructure. Here's how.

  • Pharma's IP Legal Challenge

    By Marilyn Neiman

    As major customers of RFID technology, pharma companies risk getting caught in a squeeze play between competing RFID vendors in a battle over RFID-related intellectual property.

  • Meeting the Needs of Small and Midsized Suppliers

    By Steve Keifer

    Adoption of RFID by small and medium businesses is critical to the technology's long-term success, but SMBs face unique challenges.

  • Missing: Specialty Apparel Retailers

    By Marshall Kay

    With the most to gain from item-level tagging, why aren’t these retailers giving RFID the attention it deserves?

  • Understanding the Whole Solution

    By Ann Grackin

    Many uses of RFID are lost in a haze of conflicting messages about frequencies and capabilities. The challenge becomes how to apply RFID technology issues to your specific conditions.

  • Mobilizing RFID Applications

    By Gary Jahnke

    The future of vehicle-mounted printing and data-collection devices seems secure, helping companies improve efficiency and create a competitive advantage.

  • RFID Vendors Need a Privacy Strategy

    By Kirk J. Nahra and John W. Kuzin

    To succeed, companies providing RFID solutions must work closely with their customers to develop a strategy for ensuring privacy and security compliance.

  • A Graphic Argument for RFID Labels

    By Ken Rohleder

    By modifying their requirements for shipping-container graphics, Wal-Mart and Target could give CPG makers a way for RFID compliance to pay for itself.

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