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  • In The Name of RFID

    By Kevin Ashton

    Selling a radio frequency identification solution establishes clarity and confidence.

  • Passive, Yet Worldly, Tags

    By Stan Drobac

    EPC Gen 2 on-metal tags feature consistent read rates across regions, so they can track assets globally.

  • How to Implement RFID Successfully

    By Bill Poulsen

    Select radio frequency identification as a solution only when its capabilities provide an immediate or projected benefit to a process that makes it more effective than choosing another technology.

  • Checking Items in a Group

    By Jin Mitsugi and Yuki Sato

    By using a group ID as well as an individual tag ID, we could verify a shipment of goods, reduce shrinkage and validate receiving without perfect read rates.

  • RFID Middleware: To Embed or Not to Embed

    By Mayank Shridhar

    Although deploying RFID readers with embedded middleware may seem like an affordable simple-to-implement choice, server-based RFID middleware may be the better option.

  • Every DVD Tells a Story

    By Peter Cole and Zhonghao Hu

    It's possible to track 2,000 discs on a pallet if you pay attention to the way they're RFID-tagged, packed and stacked.

  • Sidestepping Capital Costs

    By Jim Caudill

    New solutions make RFID technology more manageable—and affordable—for apparel retailers.

  • Like the Car Industry, RFID Has Matured

    By Greg Stewart

    Recent improvements in the technology have been substantial.

  • RFID-ROI-SME Project Promises Big Help for Small Business

    By Sebastiano Toffaletti and John Soldatos

    Eight pilot deployments are designed to show how RFID can become a productivity tool during a time of financial recession, especially for companies that operate under constrained budgets.

  • Innovation Is Stupid

    By Kevin Ashton

    Amazon, eBay and Google were all dumb ideas.

  • Envisioning a World With NFC-enabled Phones

    By Vivek Khandelwal

    The technology promises a range of benefits to businesses and consumers, as well as a few challenges.

  • Behold the Weldable Metal Tag!

    By Patrick King

    Step right up, my friends, and marvel at the EPC Gen 2 UHF passive RFID inlay hidden within a stainless-steel shell. You'll wonder: How does he do it?

  • Tracking Goods and Sensors

    By Daeyoung Kim

    A new air interface protocol that connects RFID sensors with the EPCglobal network will play a pivotal role in realizing the Internet of Things.

  • The Tragedy of the Commons

    By Kevin Ashton

    Why the RFID market needs a sense of community.

  • Making Objects Smarter

    By Kerry Krause

    New RFID reader chips can be embedded in products to give them the intelligence to interact with people and the world around them.

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