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  • Enlisting Robots

    By Florian Michahelles, Rob van Kranenburg and Markus Waibel

    Once robots are integrated into the Internet of Things, they can perform tasks automatically.

  • The U.S. Shale Gas Boom Is a Great Opportunity for RFID

    By Konrad Konarski

    The technology promises to make production safer, easier and more profitable, and to change the way in which the oil and gas industry does business.

  • RFID Goes Bananas

    By Kevin Ashton

    The latest advance in RFID technology helps keep fruit fresh.

  • Encrypt Instead of 'Kill'

    By Junyu Wang and Xi Tan

    A dual-mode EPC RFID tag works in the supply chain and secures data after an item is purchased.

  • Will Chip-Based Serialization Lock Suppliers into a Single Chip Vendor?

    By Dwight Carver

    A recent agreement among chipmakers is designed to enable apparel suppliers and others to use RFID tags with different chips, but you should look at the issues carefully before opting for serialization solutions that employ the tag ID.

  • Serialization Roadmap

    By Ken Traub

    A top-level tagging plan will help apparel suppliers identify items now, and pave the way for tracking more products in the future.

  • U.S. Manufacturers Report Greater RFID Usage

    By Victor Sower, Kenneth Green, Pamela Zelbst and Morgan Thomas

    The multi-year survey also shows an increase in companies' plans to expand the use of RFID systems to track inventory flow throughout their manufacturing processes.

  • The Key to RFID Adoption

    By Interview With Geoffrey Moore

    The industry got out in front of the market, suggests an expert on how technologies go mainstream.

  • Giving Nature a Helping Hand

    By Isaac Ehrenberg and Sanjay Sarma

    With metamaterials, we can create thin RFID tags for tracking canned items.

  • The Truth About RFID Read Rates

    By Stephane Pique

    Providers of passive UHF RFID solutions need to be clearer regarding the read rates, or read reliability, that end users can expect to achieve.

  • The Year of Low Power

    By Kevin Ashton

    This year, RFID will benefit from a trend toward electronics that are more energy-efficient.

  • What's In a Name?

    By Ken Traub

    Choosing the right tag identifier now prevents headaches later.

  • Migrating to the 5 GHz Wi-Fi Band Will Advance RTLS and M2M Communications

    By Venkat Mattela

    A crowded RF environment impacts the battery life of Wi-Fi devices significantly—and the first to be affected are those operating in the 2.4 GHz band.

  • RFID and Global Warming

    By Leslie Downey

    The same technology used to increase operational efficiencies can also save energy and reduce greenhouse gas emissions.

  • The High Cost of Patent Trolls

    By Kevin Ashton

    Companies whose business is threatening alleged infringers exact money that could fund innovation.

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