RFID Journal Webinar

Webinars Apr 28, 2015

How to Increase Business Efficiencies and Save Money With New Integrated RFID and GPS Solutions

April 28, 1:00 pm - 2:00 pm

  • Babak Aghevli, VP of Global Professional Services, PrecyseTech
  • Drew Bolton, VP of Global Operations, PrecyseTech
  • Rick Tomredle, Chief Technologist M2M Product Integrator, CSC
  • Mark Roberti, Founder and Editor, CSC

Locate money while finding and communicating with personnel, vehicles and valuable assets!

What you’ll learn from the experts:

• New technologies for remotely locating, communicating with, monitoring and controlling assets
• Why they are better
• How soon after deployment the business efficiencies and money saving start
• How other Fortune 500 companies are already seeing results and expanding their uses—real-life cases from some of the largest companies in their respective fields
• How these technologies support real-time location system, machine-to-machine and Internet of Things capabilities


How to Increase Business Efficiencies and Save Money With New Integrated RFID and GPS Solutions

PrecyseTech is a leading pioneer of wireless Remote Entity Awareness and Control (REAC) systems for remotely managing high-value physical assets and personnel. The experts from PrecyseTech and one of its solutions partners, CSC, will reveal the technical and performance differences between older solutions and new ones using technologies that incorporate assisted GPS (A-GPS) and active radio frequency identification into a single “Smart Agent,” providing real-time REAC capabilities for Fortune 500 organizations.

PrecyseTech’s solutions empower enterprises to maintain knowledge of and automatically react to the physical, environmental and technical status of their critical physical assets. including individuals, vehicles, equipment, instruments and inventory, in real time, improving visibility and decision making among operations, safety (SSHE, HES, etc.), IT and management.

PrecyseTech serves the following industries: oil and gas, mining, chemical, energy, terminal operations at airports and shipyards, and yard management at vehicle distribution facilities. Additionally, the firm services industrial manufacturing and other hazardous and non-hazardous heavy industries.