Winning in Apparel Retail With RFID: Today and Tomorrow

By Doug

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Omnichannel. Smart dressing rooms. Cycle counting. Continuous visibility. Hardware. Inventory accuracy. As an apparel retailer or brand owner, you have probably come across these and other terms while researching RFID. But where should you start building your business case? Which of these are real benefits or concerns, and which are on the horizon? What solutions will best position your company to leverage an investment in item-level RFID to win both today and tomorrow?.

Join Dean Frew, the president and founder of SML Intelligent Inventory Solutions, as he shares his experience gained through numerous enterprise-class retail deployments and looks across a spectrum of use cases to identify the major ways in which RFID is adding value for apparel retailers and brand owners. You’ll get a deeper understanding of the value proposition of RFID as it is today, as well as how different types of retailers and brand owners adopt and adapt the technology in different ways to maximize their ROI..

Frew will also discuss emerging RFID use cases as the technology rapidly becomes the standard for inventory management in retail supply chains, along with the solution characteristics needed to position your company for success and scalability with RFID, not only for today’s use cases but for tomorrow’s as well.

Finally, Frew will offer a preview of some new features and technologies that can serve to maximize your ROI today, while bridging the way to future advancements in hardware and use cases tomorrow, by utilizing cutting-edge architecture and market-leading functionality.