RFID System Brings Visibility to Industrial Supply Chains

By Doug

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O-Ring Sales & Service, a Kansas City-based distributor of O-rings and specialized components, has developed an RFID-based solution to manage its industrial manufacturer customer’s inventory at manufacturing sites. The system, known as ShelfAware, allows the supplier and its customers to track which components are onsite at any given time, via an RFID tag on each product package, as well as readers at the storage area to identify when parts are consumed. The system uses the consumption data to ensure that products are automatically reordered as needed, while also helping the manufacturer to understand its inventory levels and reduce labor costs. During the session ShelfAware CEO Andrew Johnson will discuss how RFID has played a crucial role in the development of their IoT systems and layout a roadmap for others to create value-add systems in their own companies and industries using RFID as their data collector.