Interstate Batteries Improves Product Inventory Management Via RFID

By Doug

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U.S. automotive battery supplier Interstate Batteries has partnered with an RFID solution provider to develop a remote, autonomous RFID monitoring system. This patented technology provides Interstate with near-real-time inventory visibility at a dealer (store) level. Interstate is currently testing this solution at approximately 2,000 of its 200,000 dealers. The data culled from this unique system provides the company with unprecedented visibility into product movement in the market, thus enabling more efficient and cost-effective replenishment procedures. The data from this unique system is enabling Interstate to explore more efficient and cost-effective replenishment procedures. Knowing the required product mix for delivery also allows Interstate to experiment with using smaller, more environmentally friendly delivery vehicles. Additionally, the firm has installed an RFID-based monitoring system within 29 of its delivery vehicles, streamlining inventory control procedures and increasing product-management accuracy.